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6 Yoga Experts Reveal How to De-Stress Instantly

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We polled dedicated yogis and yoga teachers to find out what keeps them sane when the stress comes on.

These days, tools for de-stressing have become posh: we see our co-workers sneaking off into corners to meditate, our kids clutching stress-balls before exams. And despite the fact that we as a society have become aware of the debilitating nature of stress, physically, mentally, and even on a cellular level, we don't often think about how multi-faceted the process of de-stressing can be. The truth is, there's no one way to fight it. Stress is different for all of us, and in our moments of deep need we'll do just about anything. Looking for advice on the best place to start? We asked six experts in the art of staying calm what helps them de-stress in the heat of the moment. Here's what they said.

Brandi Ryans, massage therapist and yoga teacher based in New York City
Deep breathing, legs up the wall, and sandalwood oil on my neck.

Russell Case, director of the Ashtanga yoga program at Stanford University
Relax your tongue and stare at a point. Immediately without even thinking your next breath will be huge. This creates what's called pratyhara--the sense that your organs are attached to your mind's objects--they're not, and in that breath, they will become disentangled. Craving and aversion will slip away, you will be neither bothered by rain nor light. This is euphoria.

Lily Stroud, yoga teacher based in New York City
Lying on the floor. It's grounding and you break the cycle of trying to always be doing something. Just stretch and breathe for a moment.

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