'60 Second Adventures In Thought': David Mitchell Narrates Open University Educational Videos

Listen up, class -- someone has finally found a foolproof way to make learning enjoyable. Open University, an unconventional learning institution based in the UK, is smartly appealing to its students (we are all students here!) through animated YouTube videos that explain dry subjects with humor and clarity. Their latest series, "60-Second Adventures in Thought," is narrated by David Mitchell, of "That Mitchell and Webb Look" fame. Mitchell explains six famous thought experiments in rapid succession, including, "Can a cat be both alive and dead?", "Can a computer think?" and "How does a tortoise beat Achilles in a race?" Each 60-second clip is animated, amusing, informative, and only 60 SECONDS, which means right when we start tuning out is when the clip ends. You can read transcripts of each episode here, and find more videos like this here -- we recommend the "History of English" series -- fascinating stuff.