Mom 'Snapped' When She Received A Nearly $600 Bill For Public High School (VIDEO)

Most people assume that children who attend public school in America do so on the government's dime. But that's not necessarily the case, as one parent recently found out when she was slapped with a nearly $600 bill for her daughter's enrollment in 10th grade at a public high school.

The mom, who is from Des Plaines, Ill., and has chosen to remain anonymous, told HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri about the shock she felt when she saw her bill.

"I just snapped," she said.

The $586.25 bill was posted online and sparked outrage over some of the mandatory expenses passed along to parents. For example, $300 for a Chromebook laptop, required even if the student already has a different type of computer at home.

Despite her anger, Mom says she plans to pay what she owes. For one, she wants to avoid a $25 late fee, but her primary concern is her daughter's academic affairs.

"I just don't want my daughter to be set into some sort of bureaucratic whirlwind of not being able to get her classes," she said.

She also admits that she is "more fortunate than some," and knows families who live just above the poverty line and are struggling to pay such a steep bill.

Catch the full conversation on the high cost of public education at HuffPost Live HERE.

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