65 Years Later, Woman Celebrates Anniversary In Her Wedding Dress

And she looks beautiful as ever! 👰

Ruthie McCoy wanted a special way to celebrate her 65th wedding anniversary with her husband Tom, so she decided to pull out her wedding dress from 1952.

She wore it to a special gathering in Lubbock, Texas to mark their milestone anniversary, and, according to the Today show, her husband absolutely loved it.

“It took me back to the very first time I saw her,” Tom said. “She was in an all-white dress (then). She looked like a little angel. I found out after I married her that she is an angel.”

Ruthie told the Today show all about the satin dress, which the couple bought for $39.99 many years ago.

“It has lace around the waistline, over the hips and down the back, and of course, lots of buttons... I worked so hard to make the money to buy it,” she said.

After six decades together, the dress (and Ruthie!) still looks as gorgeous as ever. Watch the rest of the video above to see what the McCoy’s looked like on their wedding day.

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