66 Ways to Successfully Jump Start 2017


1. Don't let lack of rhythm hold you back from dancing.
2. Start using the "good china." Who cares if it chips? Your kids probably won't want it anyway.
3. Lose the phrase "I can't." Entertain the phrase "I might." Adopt the phrase "I will."
4. Accumulate less stuff, but more experiences.
5. Ditch the 4" high stilettos; buy a pair of red Converse high top gym shoes.
6. Toot, don't mute, your own horn.
7. Lower your hemlines; raise your aspirations.
8. Don't dabble in minutiae.
9. Keep wearing sun block, coloring your hair and whitening your teeth.
10. Listen rather than pontificate, stitch rather than bitch and empathize rather than judge.
11. Always choose the kindest way.
12. Acquire a band of buddies.
13. Eat dinner on your porch whenever you can.
14. Prize ideas over gossip.
15. Wash your hands.
16. Save a little money.
17. Only say "Yes" when you mean it.
18. Start with gentle yoga.
19. Behave like your dreams have already come true.
20. Act like you deserve it.
21. If you haven't done splits or a cartwheel in 10 years, don't.
22. Mouse steps daily, kangaroo leaps rarely.
23. Invest in a good magnifying mirror and pluck away.
24. Take a compliment gracefully.
25. Resign yourself to never completing your to-do list.
26. Subscribe to a new magazine; visit a national park
27. Never judge a woman's character by the price of her purse or the balance in her check book.
28. Drop the phrase "WTF" and replace it with "What the Hell."
29. Treat yourself to the most expensive hand cream and candle you can afford. Then use.
30. Employ common sense, discard nonsense.
31. Find three things to be grateful for each day.
32. Don't hate the friend whose diamond stud earrings are bigger than yours.
33. Surround yourself with patient people, not passive people.
34. Re-think sleeveless.
35. Stop comparing yourself to others.
36. Accept the back fat.
37. Stop looking at old photo albums if it makes you sad
38. Start looking at old photo albums if it makes you happy.
39. Enroll in one class that scares the hell out or you - mine is Storytelling at John C. Campbell Folk School.
40. Buy a plant and take care of it.
41. Write out your grocery list with a newly sharpened pencil.
42. If you still get a daily newspaper, try doing the crypto quip.
43. Don't feel guilty about binge watching - better than binge eating.
44. Remember that if you block the thought, you block the feeling.
45. If your parents are alive, talk to them about their childhood - it might help you make sense of your own.
46. Play Jacks and Pick-Up Sticks with your grand kids. If you don't have grand kids, play Jacks and Pick-Up Sticks with someone else's kids.
47. Don't ever turn down a social invitation just because you are dieting.
48. Accept the northern direction of the scale.
49. Don't feel guilty about sticking pins in your voodoo dolls.
50. Don't let anyone, anywhere, make an old lady out of you - advice from my late "pappy " - which, to me, means don't let anyone steal your thunder, rain on your parade or make you feel less than you are.
51. Lose the snippiness.
52. Recognize that withholding information is a passive aggressive act of power and defiance.
53. Keep in mind: can't have intimacy without sharing details.
54. Revel in the fact that you can plan your own day.
55. Watch a sunset.
56. Appreciate someone's home that truly reflects who they are. And notice how a person's personalizes their work space.
57. Court the unexpected.
58. Think big, but make measurable goals.
59. Pursue delight - buy a beautiful weekly planner and use it.
60. Don't feel compelled to finish a book you don't like.
61. Cultivate a band of buddies.
62. Recognize that sometimes 70 percent effort is good enough.
63. Own what makes you unique.
64. Feel the fear, but don't let it stop you.
65. Clean out a drawer or de-clutter a shelf regularly.
66. Read Rudyard Kipling's Poem "IF" at least once a year.

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