663 Million Reasons to #FIGHTDIRTY This World Water Day

Bubbles In Clear Water
Bubbles In Clear Water

World Water Day is on Tuesday, March 22nd and you may be thinking to yourself, "Good gosh, another day? Why does water need a day? The bloody earth is covered in the stuff!" Well first off, if French Bread, Bavarian Crepes, and Chips and Dip have their own days then surely water can make the cut to have its own day. I mean it's not even 'Crepes' day... but Bavarian crepes day...

And if that's not enough how about this...

... 663 million people are still living without clean water.

  • That's 19 times the entire population of Canada.
  • That's 2 times the population of the United States.
  • Insert complicated statement about stacking 663 million of something on one another and how it goes to the moon and back x times.

Regardless of how you want to quantify it, it's... oh... about 663 million times more than it should be. Better yet, than it could be.

Because it's a (relatively) simple problem to solve. There's no shortage of water and we have some great people and organizations already making progress. Look at charity: water for example.

Now, I've long been an admirer of charity: water. As a 'charity nerd' with a passion for international development, it's been amazing to see how the organization has grown, goes about its work, and the massive impact they are having in the world.

This year, charity: water will turn 10. And in those 10 years, with the help of over 1 million people, they've funded over 19,000 projects and helped millions of people get the clean water they need to live and survive. And yet...

663 million people are still living without clean water.

That's why this World Water Day, charity: water is launching their latest and biggest campaign, #fightdirty. Because as great as their last 10 years have been, and they aren't the only ones doing great work in the world of clean water, there are still...

663 million people are still living without clean water.

(Use password "fight" to watch the video if required.)

But Why Is Water So Important?

There are many smarter people than me who can better articulate the case for water as a priority for our world and donated dollars, but for me it comes down to this:

Clean water is a prerequisite for education and job creation - the two biggest levers in developing and sustaining economies.

So without clean water, the impact of education and creating jobs will be limited. Therefore, the sooner we can solve the clean water crisis, the sooner we can make more progress in the areas of education and job creation. Which will mean more progress in developing countries and in advancing our world.

That's time stolen from young girls for their education. That's time ripped away from women for farming and earning an income. That's time snatched away from mother's for being just that, a mother.

It's the saving of time and human capacity that leads to $1 invested in clean water yielding $4-$12 in economic returns. Not bad.

And as strong as the logical or rational case for water is, my heart breaks thinking of what life must be like as a 13-year-old girl living in Ethiopia without clean water. What does that mean for your day? What does that mean for your education? What does that mean for your life?

So What Can You Do?

Give. It's simple, powerful and will make you happy. And just $30 gives clean water to one person.

Yes, I'm sure you can make your Facebook profile picture blue or something. You can probably buy something you don't really need and a tiny percentage of it will go to a cause eventually. Or you might be able to 'Like' some post and some company will give $1 they were going to give away anyway. And after all that...

663 million people will still be living without clean water.

So this World Water Day, give. And you don't have to give to charity: water --although they are awesome and great at what they do--but you should give to a water organization. Today. Right now. Because...

663 million people are still living without clean water.

Fight to change that. #fightdirty.