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69 Questions With Katya

When Katya, the "sweatiest woman in show business," walked into the workroom on the first episode ofSeason 7, she also walked into the hearts of America. She may not have won, but she did claim the coveted title of Miss Congeniality. Now, she is busy touring the world.
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When Katya, the "sweatiest woman in show business," walked into the workroom on the first episode of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7, she also walked into the hearts of America. She may not have won, but she did claim the coveted title of Miss Congeniality. Now, she is busy touring the world.

I had the opportunity to chat with her after she sashayed her way through Philadelphia for a show. I asked her 69 questions, inspired by Vogue's 73 Questions with SJP. Here is what I found out, including what her spirit animal is, if she is Team Miley or Team Nicki, and how you can find her on Craigslist.

1. Where do you live? Boston
2. What's your favorite activity in Boston? Sleeping
3. If you had to move, where would you move to? Los Angeles
4. Favorite song to lip synch to? Cursed Love by Irina Allegrova
5. What's your favorite movie? The Witches of Eastwick
6. Favorite movie in past five years? Cabin in the Woods
7. Favorite Meryl Streep film? Death Becomes Her. No! She-Devil.
8. Favorite TV show that's currently on? The Heart She Holler
9. What's a book you plan on reading? No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July
10. A book you read in school that positively shaped your life? Confederacy of Dunces
11. Are u single or taken? Single
12. On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you about life right now? 38
13. Twitter or Instagram? Twitter
14. Vine or Snapchat? Neither!
15. Who should EVERYONE be following right now? Larry King
16. Favorite Golden Girl? Dorothy
17. Who are you most like on Sex and the City? Stanford Blatch
18. Favorite character on Sex and the City? Carrie's crazy Italian friend who bought her a pair of shoes when her credit card got declined. She used the credit card of the guy she was seeing who had the really skinny dick. And she said even though he has a really tiny penis he knows exactly what to do with it.
19. What's your favorite fast food restaurant? In & Out
20. What's your favorite food? Ravioli
21. Least favorite food? I don't like mushrooms.
22. What do you love on your pizza? Just cheese.
23. Favorite drink? Coca Cola
24. Favorite dessert? Ice cream
25. Weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Spicy ox cheek doughnut


26. What's the hardest part about being a drag queen? Bladder infections
27. What's your favorite band? Right now it is Sopor Aeternus.
28. Favorite solo artist? Alla Pugacheva
29. Favorite lyrics? Someone left my cake out in the rain.
30. If your life were a song, what would the title be? Ambitious Female Scientist
31. If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be? Probably Josh Groban.
32. Anderson Cooper or Andy Cohen? Neither. Louie Anderson.
33. If you had a tattoo, where would it be? On my ass hole.
34. To be or not to be? Both
35. What's RuPaul like in person? Transcendent
36. Drag queen crush? Trixie Mattel
37. Dogs or cats? Dogs
38. Favorite Housewife? Kim Zolciak
39. Today, what would your Housewife tag line be? "I'm a socialist, a socialite and a sociopath."
40. What's your spirit animal? Fetal pig
41. How long have you been sober? 2 and a half years.
42. Best gift you've ever received? A book. A girl named Lauren wrote and illustrated and published a children's book. Called Katya and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Hair. It is about all of my terrible wigs. It is incredible.
43. Last gift you gave a friend? Oh God. I never give gifts!
44. A person you want to have coffee with? Maria Bamford
45. A historical figure you'd love to have coffee with? Martha Washington
46. How do you like your coffee? With lots of cream and sugar.
47. Do you like your handwriting? Yes I do!
48. What's your favorite curse word? Fuck-tard
49. What's your favorite board game? I don't like board games.
50. What would be the title of your autobiography? Just Be Yourself. And If No One Likes That - Change.
51. Marry, fuck, kill: Violet, Ginger, Pearl. I will marry Ginger. Fuck Pearl. Kill Violet.
52. What was your first pet? A cat named Freddy.
53. Miley or Nicki? Nicki. Oh no! I can't say that. I have to go with Nicki!
54. What's your favorite country to visit? France
55. What country do you wish to visit? Russia


56. Craziest gift a fan has given you? They are all crazy.
57. What was the last alcoholic drink you ever drank? Vodka. I'm sure.
58. What's your favorite color? I love every color!
59. Grindr or Scruff? Craigslist
60. What color dress would you wear to your prom? Seafoam green
61. Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds
62. Cheap shampoo or expensive? I don't wash my hair.
63. What would your Craiglist profile headline be? "Horny 4 Justice"
64. Heels or flats? Flats
65. Britney or Christina? Britney
66. Bath or shower? Shower
67. Best way to decompress? Twitter
68. If you had one superpower, what would it be? Shape shifting
69. Can you describe an experience you felt most nervous? Walking into the work room for RPDR Season 7.

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