Cute Kid Note Of The Day: A Middle Schooler's Sage Advice

Today's cute kid note betrays its author's startling insight into the human condition.

Title: "A Middle Schooler's Sage Advice"

Author: Unknown

Grade: 6th

Circumstances: The student who wrote this note was offering advice to an incoming 6th grader

A note about the penmanship: Reddit user Semiazai, who posted it, went over the letters in pen so the picture would be clear online. We agree that it was worth immortalizing.

Where wisdom comes from: We can only assume that after outgrowing all the silly homework assignments, immature pranks and romantic dilemmas of earlier years, this student is wise to the ways of the world. We've met other highly observant kiddos before, after all. Of course, maybe we just have a genius on our hands.

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