7 Amazing Apps For Your Next Road Trip

7 Amazing Apps For Your Next Road Trip
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A good road trip can change your life. At a minimum, hitting the open road can give you the stimulation needed to find a new business idea, make an important life decision, or provide some distance and clarity on any number of things gripping your mind at home.

2016 is a year of personal exploration and discovery for me, which I'm enjoying from my RV while trekking our awesome country. 30,000 miles and 35 States into the trip, I've come to rely on some excellent apps to make the road trip even more amazing: (I'm not putting Waze on this list, because if you don't already have Waze, you shouldn't have a vehicle)

1.Roadtrippers - Before you jump in the car, use Roadtrippers to find a great destination, or help find things to see and do along the route you've already decided on. Enter a start and end point, then overlay your route with attractions (offbeat, museums, excursions), points of interest (abandoned, historic, monuments, photo opps), outdoors & recreation (national parks, nature reserves, scenic points) and much more.

2.Banjo - Banjo is a powerful tool that aggregates social media posts from nearby, providing you with a real-time snapshot of potentially interesting things to do. Once I arrive in a new town, I usually pour a glass of wine and launch Banjo to scout out the area to see what the locals enjoy posting about.

3.Trover - Trover is an easy way to explore interesting nearby attractions through photos. As you scroll through the photo stream, it shows you exactly how far away each attraction is. Clicking on a photo brings up a description of the location and a map to help you easily locate and enjoy. Trover is a great way to find offbeat attractions, photo opportunities and good eating. Make sure to give back to the community by posting your own photos and recommendations along the way!

4.iExit - While cruising down the highway blasting Born to be Wild, you get a sudden hankering for a veggie burger and fries. iExit finds you on the highway and tells you what food/lodging/gas/shopping options you have at upcoming exits, so you can wait to find just the right spot. It even shows you up to date gas prices at upcoming stations so you can get the best deal.

5.AllTrails - After a few hours of driving, you need to get out and stretch the legs. No better way than to take a hike into nature. (Which plenty of research shows will also help boost your creativity, reduce stress, and make you happier to boot!). AllTrails locates hiking trails near you and provides difficulty ratings, 5-star feedback from other hikers, and a full description of the trail, length, vertical gain, and the ability to download a map before heading into the woods in case you lose service.

6.7 Minute Workout - Stay fit while on the road! Simply press start and an audio trainer guides you through a high intensity interval training session that packs in jumping jacks, push-ups, triceps dips, step-ups, lunges, squats, and more. Each circuit is 30 seconds, with a 10 second break in between. Cranking through 12 exercises that require only your body, you can do this workout routine anywhere--truck stock, campsite, hotel room.

7.HappyCow - After crushing a good 7 minute workout, you deserve some nom. But unless you are a fan of fried foods and heart disease, it can be difficult to find decent eating options on the road. HappyCow helps you find vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly options nearby. You don't need to be a veggie to enjoy the recommendations--HappyCow typically finds healthy options that meat eaters can enjoy.

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