7 Amazingly Productive Things to Do Over Break

While laziness and apathy are words commonly associated with teenagers, spring break provides an opportunity to make a difference in your own personal life, community and world. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Volunteer
While it's simple to give money to a worthy cause, the most beneficial thing we can give is our time. Many organizations host event fundraisers that are in need of a volunteer. Check out your local library, youth center, animal shelter, homeless shelter or hospital to see if they need help. Chances are, they are willing to help a high school student gain community service experience. If all else fails, organize your own drive! By taking the initiative to enact change, you are making a lasting impact on your community.

2. Learn something new
A huge benefit of the technology revolution is the ability to access free information at the palm of your hands. This can be used in a positive way to learn new things. What have you always wanted to learn but never had the time to do so? Many websites offer free information on different languages, cultures and scientific topics. While it is spring break, keeping your brain active is a great way to spend a holiday break.

3. Find a new TV series
Why watch the same television show every day, when now you have time to experience new and different shows? There are many interesting shows to watch, and you may find yourself getting hooked to it! Also, try a new genre of movies! International movies are a great way to start, and while it is strange at first, it is a great way to see how the rest of the world interacts with one another.

4. Organize
Prepare for the semester ahead by organizing. Whether it is doing a cleaning of your wardrobe, room, binder or supplies, organization helps you be prepared to succeed after the break is over. Plus, how great is it to do it now, so you don't have to do it later?

5. Update your style
If you are from humid Southern California like me, you might notice how it is cold one day and eighty degrees the next. Take the time during break to update your style. Plus, since it is after holidays, many stores offer stunning clearance deals so you get more for your money.

6. Make a list of goals
Make some realistic goals that you can envision yourself carrying out during the year, and stay true to them. Some examples are to take a photo every day, exercise more or drink less soda.

7. Go outside
Nothing feels better than a day in the great outdoors. Whether you're sporty or not, there are plenty of activities to do outside. Take a hike and record all the different aspects of nature that you see. Do yoga in the open woods. While comfort is handy, sometimes all it takes is a change in venue to be satisfied.

Overall, there are plenty of things to do this break instead of bumming out on the couch with a bag of chips in your hand.

What do you like to do over break? Leave your comments below.

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