7 Awesome Benefits To Small Space Living

7 Awesome Benefits to Small Space Living
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The average size of the American home has risen from nearly 1,700 square feet in the 1950s, to almost 2,600 square feet in the first decade of the 21st century. While many Americans are thinking bigger when it comes to their homes, some homeowners are embracing the benefits of living in a small space. Not familiar with the concept of small-space living? Here seven benefits of living in a smaller home.

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#1 Easier to Maintain

If you own a larger home, you are well aware of the effort that goes into maintaining your home. Maintenance often includes indoor and outdoor repairs, as well as regular upkeep to ensure the building itself looks nice. With a smaller space, you’ll put less time, energy and effort into maintaining your home because there is less space that requires upkeep.

#2 Less Debt and Risk

Most online mortgage calculators recommend that homeowners devote a maximum of 28 percent of their monthly net income to housing costs. But why spend the full 28 percent if you can be happy in a smaller home that only takes up 15 percent of your monthly net income?

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#3 Less Time Cleaning

The larger your home, the more time and money you will spend cleaning various rooms. After all, does a family of three really need four bedrooms and four bathrooms? Smaller homes require less cleaning and make upkeep a simple task.

#4 More Affordable to Keep

The size of your home also plays a role in your utility and insurance costs. Living in a smaller space will lower your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance and allow you to spend less on heating and cooling.

#5 Less Likely to Accumulate Junk

When people have more space in their homes, they often feel obligated to fill nooks and crannies with memorabilia, novelties and artwork. With a smaller space, you are forced to think carefully about purchases and new decor.

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#6 Environmentally Friendly

Smaller spaces use fewer materials during construction and require less gas and electricity to heat or cool. Also, smaller spaces often use less water because there are fewer bathrooms and toilets.

#7 More Time to Bond

Last but not least, living in a smaller space encourages family bonding. Whether your small space is for you and your partner or a large family, smaller spaces encourage family members to spend time together, rather than spreading out throughout the house to do their own thing. Family bonding won’t save you time or money, but it can help improve your at-home dynamic.


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