7 Books To Give For Hanukkah

7 Books To Give For Hanukkah

Jonathan KirschAuthor and book editor of The Jewish Journal

It's no accident that November is Jewish Book Month, because the "People of the Book" (as we are dubbed in the Koran) always tend to think of books when Hanukkah arrives in December. As far as I know, nothing in Jewish law or tradition requires that a book given as a Hanukkah gift must be by a Jewish author or on a Jewish topic -- we love a good beach read as much as any earnest member of the Oprah Book Club. My own list is an interfaith effort, and I am giving a few of these books as Christmas presents. All of them, however, embody at least some of the loftier values that Jews and Christians attach to their gift-giving holidays even as we are gorging on latkes or swigging another cup of eggnog, as the case may be.

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