7 Celebrities Most Likely to Buy a Home in 2015

Most people buy a home and plan to live in it for at least a few years, but we all know that many celebrities change homes as often as they change outfits. Here are our predictions for stars who are most likely to look for a new address in 2015, based on recent changes in their life, like major movie deals or relationship status updates.

Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson will most likely be in the market for a new home this year. The actress recently split from Muse frontman Matt Bellamy, who has already moved on to his own bachelor pad in Malibu. Kate Hudson still has the English-style home she purchased with Bellamy in Pacific Palisades, but it wouldn't be a shock if she decided to leave the marital mansion in the dust to pick up something that seems a bit more appropriate for a newly single gal. The couple purchased the home back in 2011 for $5.3 million; the sale of the home alone would certainly give the actress enough dough to work with when seeking a home with enough room for her and her two children.

Mariah Carey


Mariah Carey will certainly be in the market for a new abode this year; with her recent split from Nick Cannon, she and her soon-to-be-former hubby will be seeking bachelor and bachelorette pads. Mariah's net worth is about $250 million, which is plenty for a new crib. The marital mansion is on the market for $12.995 million.

Nick Cannon


Speaking of Mariah Carey's former beau, Nick Cannon landed a publishing deal with Scholastic to publish an illustrated poetry book for kids. The book is set to be released in March. With the sale of his former home and proceeds from his new book deal, Cannon should be in a good spot to splash out some cash for a rockin' bachelor pad.

Aziz Ansari


Nick isn't the only one getting in on the literary action. Aziz Ansari locked in a profitable book deal this year. Ansari got a hefty sum of $3.5 million as an advance for his book, which talks about living the single life. The comedian currently resides in a lovely 1960s home in Los Angeles, which he scooped up back in 2013 for $2.687 million. We are sure the "Parks and Recreation" star will be looking to upgrade once his book is released in September.

Paul Rudd


Paul Rudd is having a pretty good year already. He's the leading man in Marvel's new movie "Ant-Man," and Marvel has a reputation for making actors very rich; Robert Downey Jr. is listed as one of Hollywood's highest paid actors thanks to the comic book company. While Rudd's current home sounds pretty sweet (it has an Irish pub in the basement!), with the extra cash flow he may be thinking about springing for a second place to call home. With a house in New York, we're thinking somewhere a bit warmer. We hear California is nice.

Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt is one of those rising stars you just know is about to get even bigger. He started out on the show "Parks and Recreation" but has since climbed to the top where he now sits among the A-listers. Pratt was the leading man in the popular film "Guardians of the Galaxy" and is also the voice of the main character in "The Lego Movie," which grossed $468 million. So what's next? Pratt is set to star in the much-anticipated "Jurassic World," which hits theaters this June. The actor currently lives in a beautiful resort-like home in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Anna Faris. The two purchased the property back in 2013, but we wouldn't be surprised if the couple went for an upgrade now that there is a lot more money coming in.

Taylor Swift


Six months of touring earned Taylor Swift $30 million in 2014; that's $5 million a month! The 23-year-old star is also raking in the big bucks with sponsorships from Keds, Elizabeth Arden and Diet Coke. Swift was also a chart-topper last year with her newest album "1989." Swift currently owns a fitting country-style home in Beverly Hills; maybe we should follow the location of her newest love interest to predict where she will move next.

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