7 Chefs' Tricks To Help Make Your Thanksgiving Scrumptious

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Thanksgiving dinner just got even more mouthwatering with these 7 black chefs.

Year-round, they whip up some of the tastiest looking food porn you'll ever see, and with their recipes, tips and tricks, you can serve up the same flavor at your dinner table. Check them out!

Angela Davis is a true "kitchenista." She's been cooking professionally for about four years and recently wrote an ebook of Thanksgiving tips. When it comes to Turkey Day, Davis told The Huffington Post that the best thing to do is plan ahead. "I think people underestimate how long it's going to take even just to do simple prep work," she said. "When you're doing a ton of dishes one day that really adds up." Make sure you plan to make her signature macaroni and cheese recipe.

This young, charismatic chef has cooked for President Barack Obama, Vanessa Williams and Michael Jackson, among others and has already starred in his own reality show. Last year, he gave HuffPost some tips on how to make your Thanksgiving dinner healthier -- like use a squeeze of lemon instead of salt -- without cutting back on the flavor. "I’d rather under-season than over-season when it comes to salt, you can always add more salt but never take it out," Roblé said. "Lemon juice accentuates the flavors just as well."

Resha, most commonly known as @kanyebreast, is a self-proclaimed kitchen unicorn whose delectable recipes and step-by-step instructions on Snapchat and YouTube have gained her quite a following. She boasted to HuffPost that she may be "the only person in my entire family that knows how to cook a turkey that doesn't taste like saw dust." But that doesn't bother her. "Thanksgiving is literally my Christmas," she said, as she gets to throw down on her stuffing, macaroni and cheese and apple pie all made from scratch.

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When this Ethiopian-born, Swedish-raised chef and restaurateur started his career as a cook in New York, he hosted Thanksgiving dinner for his friends from other countries, he explained in a blog for Food and Wine. He explained that Thanksgiving has become a special holiday for him as he gets creative with his turkeys. "I season mine with a Moroccan spice blend called ras el hanout (“top of the shop” in Arabic), which can contain more than 30 ingredients, including cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and turmeric," he wrote. "I baste it with a vibrant mix of four different citrus juices. If the meat ends up a little dry, that’s what the spiced pan juices are for."

Chef RJ is a meal-prepping master and -- good news for folks in Atlanta -- he caters. He sets his good meal prepping habits aside Thanksgiving week to add flare to grandma's old recipes. There will be a few tasty options to go along with the classics at his dinner table this year. "I'm going [to] brine a couple of turkey parts and make 3 different turkeys: a southwestern chipotle, some type of Asian flare and a traditional bird so my aunt won't yell at me," he told HuffPost. Don't limit his advice to the main course. Desserts could use a kick, too!

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Riddock is probably the perfect Thanksgiving host/chef. "I love having dinner parties," she wrote on Instagram. "There are dinner party clubs popping up as a new trend." Turn your Thanksgiving table into a chic hotspot before dinner is served with one of her scrumptious hors' d'oeuvre recipes or a refreshing sangria.

Butler, a senior at Howard University, is well on his way to mastering his own unique culinary style. Last year, a HuffPost Taste article inspired him to make his own cake made completely out of Thanksgiving sides. His ambition in the kitchen is contagious, as he advises new cooks to be fearless this holiday season. "Don't be afraid to do something different," he told HuffPost. "You don't have to make the exact things your mother did in order to enjoy Thanksgiving!"

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