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7 Crazy Things You'll Find On The Dark Web

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If you're a fan of the Internet, and obviously you are, then you will be most intrigued by the World Wide Web's mysterious cousin, the aptly named Dark Web. As its name implies, the Dark Web is a bit mysterious and perhaps even what you might describe as sketchy. Naturally, the websites on the Dark Web are not easy to locate, but once you're able to gain access to the Dark Web, the things you'll find will blow your mind. Here are seven of the craziest that have been found on the Dark Web

Scavenger Hunts
There are stories from the Dark Web that are straight out of the movies, at least if you watch weird movies. These are not ordinary scavenger hunts, as some of them ask you to do rather odd things, like answering a pay phone in the middle of the night. Apparently, the Dark Web hasn't got the message that there are no more pay phones in the world.

Mystery Phone Calls
Speaking of answering phones, some report that after logging onto the Dark Web and browsing around for a few minutes, they received a mysterious phone call. The person on the other line never said anything, they just hung up after a few seconds. Freaky, right?

This certainly wouldn't fly on the regular Internet, but apparently on the Dark Web it's not that difficult to find a hitman, not that you'd need one. Many of the hitmen found on the Dark Web are surprisingly affordable. Of course, I honestly don't know how much one would have to pay for a hitman in real life, so it's all relative.

Wish Pills
Naturally, there is a market place on the Dark Web, and one of the items for sale is apparently something called a "wish pill." Essentially, you take the pill, make a wish, and then wait for it to come true. Of course, no one can verify that the pill actually works, so it is best to assume that it doesn't. Then again...

Fake Documents
With little rules or regulations on the dark web, it seems only natural that it's easy to get counterfeit documents. There is reportedly a site that will sell fake passports from nearly every country, not to mention counterfeit money and stolen passwords. So, if you ever have authorities from multiple nations chasing after you, at least you'll know where to go to get fake documents that can help you elude the authorities.

Other People's Netflix Accounts
This is a little more perplexing than interesting, because why would you want someone else's Netflix account?Nevertheless, on the Dark Web it is possible to buy another person's Netflix account for a fraction of the cost of having your own.

If you ever want to go nuclear, just visit the Dark Web and you'll be able to find and purchase uranium, which can then be made into a nuclear weapon, at least in theory. You'd need a lot of it to make a weapon, not to mention a great deal of expertise, so actually making a weapon out of it is a long shot. But uranium is also one of those things that's just cool to have, and on the Dark Web, you can find some.