7 Crowd Funding Alternatives to Potato Salad

7 Crowd Funding Alternatives to Potato Salad
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I happened upon the potato salad Kickstarter crowd funding after seeing an article in my Facebook feed over the holiday weekend. I clicked the link. I smiled and even laughed a little, but then I really started thinking. While funny I'm really over the potato salad crowd funding campaign. It's makes me sad and minimizes the value that crowd funding can bring. It is clouding judgment and hiding real crowd funding opportunities for companies building great products, beautiful art and families who in crisis who are looking for financial help. We need to be discussing these things.

So instead of clicking to join the masses and participating in the internet potato salad party, I set out to research and look for alternatives after dipping my toes into the crowd funding waters for a company and the cause of workplace productivity I have partnered with recently. Unlike the potato salad crowd funding is not easy. It takes research, strategy and planning to elevate your crowd funding project above the noise. Founders spend months building relationships and developing the perfect messaging to fund or fuel whatever the project, program, cause or passion to the masses to gain traction and fund your purpose or dream.

And because of that, I set out in search of finding great projects on sites like Kickstater, GoFundMe and Indigogo. The challenge is that these sites are hard to search and I spent two hours looking for meaningful campaigns to fund and write about. It was excruciating. And so instead, I tapped into my social media network and relationships asking them about. Here are their recommendations on 7 campaign alternatives to potato salad to be checking out.

  1. From Oregon to Patagonia - Novel of a Journey. This campaign funds an autobiographic novel based on Jedidiah Jenkins 16 month bicycle journey from Oregon to Patagonia and also based on his life. At current the campaign has raised 12,000 with 121 backers. Click here to learn more.

  • oPhone Duo. Smell is one of those senses that gets a short stick because of technology. This exciting new advancement allows the user to take advantage of scent based messaging. This one has a lot of possibilities. Television, writing and text messaging might never be the same. oPhone Duo has raised 45,000. Click here to learn more.
  • Cassidy Stay Fund. Many of you may have read about the horrible Stay family tragedy where 15-year-old Cassidy was the sole survivor of a display of horrific violence and death of 6 family members. This young woman is brave and wise beyond her years. The campaign has raised over 270,000. Click here to learn more.
  • Wonderblox: iPad Meets Blocks. An interactive play experience for your kids brings your iPad to life combining real experiences with real physical toys. This campaign has raised over 16,000. As a mom to a digital savvy child, I am a fan of integrating both the old and new into families. Click here to learn more.
  • Food For My Friends. My niece has a severe gluten allergy, and last summer while she stayed with my family we learned how challenging it was to eat and be healthy. This crowd funding campaign makes it easier to organize, share and plan for guests at your event that have special dietary or allergy restrictions. The campaign has raised 2,000. Click here to learn more.
  • Kudoso: Changing the Way Families Manage Technology at Home. A solution to managing time spent online and one the Internet for your children. The average family has 5.7 connected devices. Our family has 11 for a family of 3. The campaign has raised 23,000. Click here to learn more.
  • MaximusLife: The Only Career App You Will Ever Need. Workplace disengagement is costing United States companies upwards of350 billion in 2014. RevolutionHR is seeking funding to develop career wellness and enagement software that integrates with existing lifestyle and fitness tracker wearable technology. Click here to learn more.
  • What crowd funding campaigns are you excited about? This is your opportunity to share what matters to you. Together, let's raise awareness about a project that can change the world.

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