7 Design Tips for a More Productive Home Office

If you work from home, or if you often take some office work to-go, then you understand the difficulty of working remotely. A home office is a great way to get motivated and stay focused, but even a designated work space doesn’t guarantee productivity. If you’re looking to make your home office more productive, then follow our guide, so that you can get back to the rest of your home.

Built-in Desk

The ideal home office is in a separate room, or even a den. But if you happen to live in an urban center, and you're short on space, then you might have to improvise a bit. Consider installing a built-in desk in a common area, or even in the bedroom, like we did in this customized home office. It's the perfect space-saving solution, and won't cut down on your productivity. 

Hang Some Art

When you’re at home, it can be hard to drum up some motivation to keep working. If you’re looking for ways to keep yourself inspired, then consider hanging some art above your desk. Want to take a quick break from looking at your computer screen? Then just look up. We hung three colorful prints above the desk in this beachy Upper East Side getaway, for a quick refresh on demand. 

Make Some Room

If you’re trying to establish your home office within an open area, then consider using a large divider to section off your new work space. For this Hampton's home office, we installed a geometric wall divider made of reclaimed wood, to compliment the rustic-modern space, while also establishing an efficient home office. 

Get Vertical

Like any work space, your home office should be organized, and optimized for working. One of the easiest ways to straighten up your space is to install shelves, where you can place any extraneous knick-knacks. It’ll keep your desk clear, which will keep you working. In this pre-war West Village bachelor pad, we installed staggered wall shelves, for some extra organizational space. 

Embrace the Darkness

Concentration and productivity are integral to any home office space. So if a more somber atmosphere is conducive to getting some work done, then consider going for a dark paint color, or even dark wood paneling. In this San Francisco luxury condo, we turned an underused nook into a home office by adding in some dark wood paneling, and pulling up a chair.

Coordinate Colors

If you want your home office to feel continuous with the rest of your home, then go for a color scheme that is congruous with the rest of your space. We gave the exterior of this Connecticut home a grey, white, and red paint job, and adorned the home office with the same paint scheme.

Or Go Bold

If you want to distinguish your home office from the rest of the space, then go for a bold, distinct paint color. In this New Jersey home office, we painted the walls and bookshelves a bright, chalky pastel blue, and installed a Jonathan Adler light fixture. It significantly brightened the space, and also distinguished the office from the rest of the home. 

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