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7 Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands to Rock Now!

There are a myriad of choices of course, but why not narrow them down with style AND sensibility that also happens to leave a lighter footprint? Here are a few that seem to finesse being sustainable while fashionably chic.
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Summer is now officially over, and by now your Instagram feed and fashion magazines, are taking up lots of space for your visual pleasure, displaying this season's "hautest" looks. There are a myriad of choices of course, but why not narrow them down with style AND sensibility that also happens to leave a lighter footprint? Here are a few that seem to finesse being sustainable while fashionably chic.

STELLA McCARTNEY: 100% best high-fashion designer consistently solely vegan and is always cruelty-free. She seems to demonstrate her brilliance and innovation with this concept year after year. Her designs met with her innovative eco-friendly fabric technology. She is after all the exemplar, in segueing the fashion world to obtaining fashion-forward design met with her unending use of creativity and originality all while encompassing glamour with consciousness.

EDUN: Brilliant job to say the least when it comes to Ali Hewson and her husband Bono who make a stellar team of designing denim that truly makes a difference. Not only is the line aesthetically pleasing, but also a socio-economic brand that is mainly produced in Africa. Bono and Ali have made African welfare and justness their life's mission, so their clothing line is also completely sourced and manufactured in Africa. Alexander Wang's design director, Danielle Sherman has also rejoined the team for extra designer impact.

REFORMATION: Honestly every time I've gone to an art gallery opening, or to a fun dinner with friends, the one designer that when I've courageously asked that stylish stranger of the clothing item they're wearing -- the answer always seems to end up with "I got it at Reformation." If you are not knowledgeable with this brand, be prepared to be blown away. They come out with new items for purchase from recycled fabrics and dead stock almost daily. Even fashionista extraordinaire Alexa Chung has constructed a classy collaboration with them.

SUSAN HOLMES SWIM: (Yes my line, that also donates a portion of proceeds to various earth friendly charities, such as The Surfrider Foundation for cleaner oceans and beaches and was a campaign model for PeTA "Ink Not Mink" campaign)... Colorful and beautiful tunics to swimwear from sustainable mill end fabrics will keep you looking alluring while traveling this resort season. Being eco-friendly also means eliminating manufacturing waste, and Susan Holmes Swim does this, by manufacturing our products on a made to order basis and in Los Angeles. This keeps control and fairness with regards to ethics/wages. I like to keep a holistic approach with my brand, by also donating any left over fabrics and/or notions to schools and women's shelters.

H&M Conscious Collection: Has a Conscious Exclusive Collection, landing April 10th. It's a limited line that visually is a bit more red carpet or special events worthy, than their fast fashion chain de rigueur. It will be available online and in 150 select H&M stores worldwide.

Top Shop: "Reclaim To Wear" Collection, is beyond cool... I was shopping with my daughter a few days ago, and noticed a few signs that displayed the message, along with some appealing items. Investigating a bit further, I come to find this is their inaugural step towards the creation of zero-waste collections. They are upcycling their items construed entirely of discarded materials. Materials stemmed from production off cuts and surplus stock, otherwise headed off for the landfill -- all of which production is made in the UK, where this fashion giant is based.

ASOS GREEN ROOM: Another great label shying away from disposable fashion, at an especially affordable price. They're an online shop, with a platform preserved for collections with an ethical narrative to convey. Their site has a very hip and fun "reclaimed vintage" section that in all honesty is the best way for us all to be utmost ethical when it comes to acting kinder to our planet. Shop vintage and scour thrift stores, and shop these lines to help save our Mother Earth one action and/or one garment at a time.