7-Eleven Hot Dog Potato Chips Are Actually Delicious

When we at HuffPost Food read, the other day, on Gothamist, that 7-Eleven had introduced hot dog-flavored potato chips, we were thrilled. We needed to taste them to see just how awful they would be. We trekked over to the nearest 7-Eleven and paid 89 cents for a bag. We brought them back to the office, opened the bag and prepared to eviscerate them with our wit and disdain -- only to find, after actually taking a bite, that the chips are seriously delicious.

The hot dog flavor basically tastes like a cross between barbecue and salt-and-vinegar. It has the distinct sourness and saltiness of the latter, with some of the meatiness and spice of the former. But the chips' end note, dominated by mustard and haunted by funky undertones distinctive of hot dogs, makes them stand alone. They don't taste all that much like hot dogs, honestly -- but they taste weirdly, surprisingly, great. (Not quite as good as the limited-time-only British Walker's Crispy Duck and Hoisin chips, though -- those were transcendant!) After a few chips, we couldn't stop crunching. All 2.5 ounces and 400 calories of the chips were gone in 15 minutes.

The back label has good news for vegetarians, albeit not vegans. The chips contain milk, but no meat whatsoever. Sure, this is a vaguely nauseating factoid in its own right -- but it doesn't prevent the chips from being an excellent accompaniment to the equally-artificial and equally-scrumptious Mountain Dew Freeze Slurpee.