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7 Empowering Truths You Need To Read Today

In line with that, here are seven truths about the divine essence that we all share. You already know these truths; it's simply about remembering them.
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I believe we know the truth when we read it. The truth resonates with us, and we recognize deep in our souls when something is real.

Yet, on a conscious level, most of us have forgotten our deep and spiritual nature. This is evidenced by the pain and separation we currently see among humanity.

We have forgotten that at our essence, we are all the same. We have yet to see our fellow human as ourselves. We must stand up and recognize that we are all one, and that what hurts some, hurts us all. Our souls are craving for us to remember.

In line with that, here are seven truths about the divine essence that we all share. You already know these truths; it's simply about remembering them.

1. You are inherently worthy.
You were born worthy. We are all as perfect and whole as one another. No one is better. No one is more special. No one is more unique.

2. True happiness can only ever come from within.
You already have everything you need to be happy. Our society teaches us that happiness will be found in the material world, but true happiness can only ever come from within us.

2. Everything is happening for you, not to you.
Life is a school, and you will be given the lessons you need to learn for your soul's growth. If we are being pushed away from something, we need to trust that we are being redirected to something better.

3. The spirit realm is more real than the material world.
You came from the spiritual realm, and you will return there. Earth is the stopover. The heavently realms are our natural home.

4. You have the ability to create your reality.
You are a spark of divinity and you have been given creative power. Part of our journey on Earth is to remember this instinct and use Earth as our creative playground.

5. You are more capable than you think.
You have been given unique God-given talents, and part of your purpose in life is to find them; and then give them away.

7. The aching in our hearts is caused by the separation from our divine nature.
When we live in the fog, we forget our true nature, and it leads us to feeling fearful, lost, unsure, confused or completely lackluster. We end up with a silent ache in our hearts. The only way to really ease this pain is to connect with our divine essence and find our way back to the truth.

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