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7 Expert Suggestions To Update Your Wardrobe With The Season’s Hottest Looks

Spring is in the air, ushering in fresh perspectives and an opportunity for transformation. It’s the perfect excuse to assess your closet situation and to give your wardrobe a little refresh. With that in mind, we partnered with Nordstrom and spoke with one of their styling experts to bring you the season’s hottest trends, as well as suggestions for how to wear them. According to our fashion insider, the spring look is all about updated classics, easy shapes, and unexpected combinations. If you’re going to make only a couple purchases this spring to make your wardrobe feel more current, here are some expert suggestions.

1. Updated Bomber Jacket
Eighties-style is still influencing the latest trends this spring and the bomber jacket, which has been trending for the last few seasons, is still having its moment. Designers are making this classic, sporty shape in more feminine fabrics, like lace, or with embroidery and embellishments. The look is a sporty and romantic mix.
Stylist Recommendation: Wear this more sophisticated bomber instead of a blazer and pair it with a crop trouser. Or keep the jacket zipped up and wear it almost like a shirt with a full skirt.
2. Off-The-Shoulder Tops and Dresses
By embracing the off-the-shoulder trend, you can show a little skin without revealing too much. One of the best things about these designs is that they show-off the clavicle – which is fun and sexy, without risking being inappropriate.
Stylist Recommendation: Off-the-shoulder tops are often on the longer side this season, so keep them untucked. These tops also tend to be full and it’s a good rule-of-thumb to pair full tops with slim pants for the most flattering look. Off-the-shoulder shirts are easy and look feminine with a clean pair of jeans. Casual, cotton, off-the-shoulder dresses look cute and sporty with a little sneaker. While softer, floral dresses look romantic and sexy with a high-heeled mule.
3. Slides, Slippers and High-Heeled Mules (Slip-On Footwear)
This season’s mood is casual and easy, and shoes that just slip on strike the perfect chord. Some of this season’s favorites, such as slides, backless loafers, slippers and high-heeled mules, don’t have an ankle strap, which helps to lengthen the leg. These casual designs offer some sturdier heels and feature elegant, clean lines. Expect a few fun surprises – like velvet slides for summer.
Stylist Recommendation: When wearing pants, go with crops or, if you are wearing a skirt, it should be a knee-length or a midi – not too long or too short. Because these shoes come up higher on the foot, you want to create space between the top of the shoe and the clothing on your legs to help balance the proportion.
4. Graphic Tees
Graphic tees are also having a moment as the eighties and the nineties continue to trend. Expect to see a lot of cool, retro-music tees and fun sayings splashed across people’s chests this spring and summer.
Stylist Recommendation: Try layering a graphic tee under a sophisticated blazer or pairing it with a pretty skirt or classic wide-leg trouser. Worn with dressier ensembles, they are an easy and inexpensive way to make a statement and show a quick pop of personality.
5. Reworked Denim
Straight leg, slim fit and cropped jeans are still having their moment but, this season, designers are playing more with the denim itself to distress it or to add embellishments. Designers are also cutting up jeans and putting them back together, playing with the hems, or adding panels, ties and zippers.
Stylist Recommendation: Pair more detailed, embellished styles with solid, basic tops to let the denim shine. For more casual occasions, pair a classic pair of jeans with a slide or backless loafer – or dress them up with a block heel sandal or mule.
6. Statement Earrings
Statement earrings continue to be big this spring, but in new materials and styles. Boho-styles use fringe and tassels – organic, materials. In contrast, designers are creating bold, structural earrings, by playing with graphic metals to develop new ways of doing hoops and long drops. (Statement earrings are also a great, inexpensive way to change the look of an outfit.)
Stylist Recommendation: If you’re going for big earrings, keep everything around your face simple – avoid necklaces and go for a more natural hairstyle. These earrings are a nice compliment to the off-the-shoulder trend – especially the longer earrings that are almost shoulder length. The new Boho earrings add fun flair to more casual outfits, while the structural earrings are a great embellishment for work. Try pairing a blazer and a simple white shirt with some really fun earrings and the jewelry will make your outfit. Lean into your own sense of style: the style really has to be authentic to you in order to pull it off.
7. Flap-Front Shoulder Bag
The flap-front shoulder bag is a classic shape, which will reappear this spring, and you can expect to see designers doing some fun stuff – changing up the straps, adding kitschy details and embellishments or playing with new colors.
Stylist Recommendation: What’s really new this season is the way that women are carrying these classic purses. You can always carry this bag traditionally, with the strap over your shoulder for a professional look or, if you’re a little more casual, across your body. But for a slightly more sophisticated look, you could try carrying the purse in your hand—with your hand under the bag like a clutch. Other options include carrying the bag under your arm or holding the purse by the straps in your hand instead over-the-shoulder. How you carry your purse mixes up how it comes across.

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