7 Fashion Instagram Accounts Every Style Lover Needs to Follow

Saying the fashion industry loves Instagram is an understatement. Since it hit the app store in 2010 everybody from the models to designers and publications have flocked to the image-based medium. Along with them came the accounts dedicated to the industry that have now saturated the platform. But out of thousands of profiles who is really worth a follow? Here are 7 must-follow fashion themed Instagram accounts that will freshen up your feed and even make you laugh.

1. @diet_prada

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but if you’re @diet_prada, you’re going to call it for what it is...laziness and uninspired design-work. Taking on the copying that oftentimes takes place in the fashion industry, this account is calling out designers and showing all the receipts. With examples dating back decades it’s clear to see that this account (along with some sleuth followers) has done its research. If that’s not enough to convince you, the fun commentary alone is enough reason to love the genius that is @diet_prada.

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2. @whereiseefashion

Where do you see fashion? If you’re like @whereiseefashion founder Bianca Luini, you see it in art, nature, photography, you name it. With an eye for detail and the ability to pinpoint designers with painters, this account primarily pairs fashion with art further blurring the lines between the two subjects. This account, and blog of the same name, have garnered Luini a great amount of well deserved success leading to her curated images being displayed in a new exhibit. Incontri d’Arte is currently showing at the Timken Museum in San Diego.

3. @CopyLab

Advertising pioneer Leo Burnett once said, "Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read." @CopyLab founder Chris Rellas has taken that aphorism and amplified it by creating mock fashion ad campaigns we didn’t know we wanted. Combining logos, advertorials, art and pop culture with a hint of humor, Rellas might really be on to something. Whether it’s the future of fashion advertising or just a reflection on our label obsessed culture, @CopyLab delivers thought provoking and inspired images every time.

4. @everyoutfitonsatc

An Instagram account idea so clever, you’re going to wish you thought of it first. Run by @female_trouble & @laurengarroni Every Outfit on Sex and the City is just that, an archive of the cast members outfits throughout the history of the show (movies 1 & 2 included). Listing the season and episode of the outfits appearance, the styling work of Patricia Fields is displayed with witty commentary in each post. If you’ve ever been curious about a look any of the girls, or guys, rocked on the show, chances are you’ll find it on @everyoutfitonsatc.

5. @oneofakind.archive

This account is a two-for-one deal that fashion collectors (and admirers) love. @oneofakind.archive showcases garments from past designer collections that can actually be bought! Displaying everything from a 1963 Haute Couture pink silk Balenciaga evening coat to a 2000 Spring/Summer Alexander McQueen bustier, their online store is a goldmine for vintage and more modern high end fashion. So if you’re looking to buy or just want to browse, this account is a visual treasure trove bursting with unforgettable work.

6. @the_corsetedbeauty

Take a look back in time at the fashion of the 18th century through the 1950’s with @the_cosetedbeauty. This account gives its followers the best of everything from the House of Worth to Elsa Schiaparelli, even adding in contemporary period dramas for those costume design buffs. Giving credit to the current homes of the looks as well as the designers that created them (when possible) you can learn about how far fashion has come and maybe get a little inspired.

7. @shitmodelmgmt

Models + memes = @shitmodelmgmt brilliance. Shit Model Management takes a hilarious look at the lives of models that’s sometimes a little too real. From work to jealousy and throwing shade, no topics are off limits and we’re here for the drama. So, if you want a good laugh at the realities of working as a model in the fashion industry, give this account a follow.

If there are any other accounts you think should get a follow, list your favorites in the comments!

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