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7 Food Myths To Stop Believing

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Just as stepping on a crack won't, in fact, break your mother's back, there are a number of food "facts" floating around that are nothing more than old wives' tales. Here, seven to stop believing.

Myth: If You Eat Watermelon Seeds, A Watermelon Will Grown In Your Stomach. Here's the truth.


Myth: Eating Celery Burns Calories. Here's the truth.


Myth: Cooking Carrots Depletes Their Nutritional Value. Here's the truth.


Myth: Chocolate Causes Acne. Here's the truth.


Myth: Twinkies Last Forever. Here's the truth.


Myth: The Five-Second Rule. Here's the truth.


Myth: A Juice Cleanse Will Detox Your System. Here's the truth.


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