7 Gifts So Good She Will Know You Had Help

Obviously you haven’t gotten her a gift yet because that would be so out of character for you. And sure you know her better than anyone, yet chances are you have no clue what she actually wants for the holidays. Based on all the stuff she has exploding from every available shelf and drawer in your house she must have everything, right? Wrong. If you expect to get laid in 2017 you are going to want to buy her one or all of the gifts below.

Buying a fragrance for a woman can be like blindly buying art or jewelry – it’s totally subjective and there is a very good chance you will fail. But if you find the right fragrance for a woman -- the kind of fragrance that transports her to a different world and makes her want to smell her wrists every 10 seconds – it can be life-changing. If you know she loves the smell of fresh-cut flowers and the way the air smells after a spring rain she will go absolutely crazy for this subtle yet potent fragrance from niche perfumer Vilhelm Parfumerie. Expect to be rewarded in kind for finding her new signature scent. You’re welcome.

If your girl worships at the house of Bravo or perhaps she’s a whore for the tabloids, trust me when I say buying her this book will not only get you laid but will keep her occupied for the rest of football season. Yeah, that’s right. Instead of being subjected to rom coms and talking about your feelings this holiday season, you will gleefully be slugging down beers watching all the bowl games. She will be too busy to bother with you because she will be devouring every juicy detail of Cohen’s pop culture orgasm of name-dropping (in a good way), behind-the-scenes, hilarious personal stories.

If you are lucky enough to have a siren of a woman who loves to rock a red lip, expect her to kiss you all over when she opens up this limited-edition tin. Inspired by the art of calligraphy, she will love dipping the precision brush into the little bottle and painting on the perfect red matte lip. But don’t worry… she can still kiss you all over even post-application since this long-lasting formula won’t budge for hours.

This all-healing oil from cult-favorite San Francisco-based brand will quickly get her to stop complaining about her red, dry skin. As effective as it is intoxicating, this oil is a “healing accelerator for inflammation, swelling, scars, and sun damage.” The scent is so sumptuous that her mind will literally go to a different galaxy as she massages it into her skin. I challenge her to use this oil only once a day.

If your lady uses Oribe hair product, you’ve probably witnessed her being stopped by strangers wanting to know what perfume she wears. Perhaps you have found yourself on multiple occasions burying your face in her hair to drink in the heady scent. Buy her this luxurious oil and she can slather the deliciousness all over her body. Not only will she love the fragrance but this hair and body oil is made from hydrating and nourishing ingredients like grape seed, passion fruit, sweet almond and meadowfoam seed oils, which means her body will feel as good as it smells. Everybody wins.

Every time before you go out, you find her in front of the mirror applying lipstick from multiple tubes to get “just the right shade.” This dreamy palette from Urban Decay will let her mix and match long-lasting creamy lip colors to her hearts content. Whether she is in the mood for a subtle nude or a fiery red, this set of 12 lipsticks will keep her pout perfectly painted year-round.

If she is a frequent traveler, give her a little luxury on-the-go with this limited-edition set from Omorovicza, a Budapest-based skincare line built around the mineral-rich Hungarian thermal waters. This kit basically covers all winter skin woes, including the Queen of Hungary Mist, Thermal Cleansing Balm, Cleansing Foam, Balancing Moisturiser and Ultramoor Mud Mask. Whether her skin is dehydrated and lackluster from dry airplane air or oily and irritated from changes in climates, this healing kit has her covered.

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