7 Habits of Highly Creative Multi Passionate People and How to Find Your Genius Zone Using Proven Clarity Methods.


I think when a multi passionate creative person starts out, they may feel really passionate about a few topics. Other people may always have one hundred passions that they are managing, thinking about and trying to execute. I have gone through many times in my life where I felt hyper focused on my career and creative branding. But other times I would go off on a tangent and get really inspired and excited about multiple opportunities in the creative business world. Because we are an evolving society with trends and technology are always changing, it's easy to "want" to try everything!

Most of us understand we can't do it all because we will never get really good at one thing. Or maybe we will miss our true success if we feel scattered and have too many passions. We can get sad about this reality or learn different techniques and strategies to overcome our creative brain thinking. When I look back at years filled with clothing design, it felt good because I had a true focus. The true focus created two amazing clothing brands. I cannot deny this focused truth and neither can you.

On another note, I think our genius zones can change over a long period of time. We change and evolve as we grow, learn and explore our creative abilities and passions. For instance, I always thought my one and only passion was clothing design. Through business and personal growth, I finally woke up to realize I am great at talking and connecting with my audience, so why would I deny myself the pursuit of broadcasting, sharing and connecting with others when it comes to my personal brand strategies.


I will tell you, my stubborn creative side denied this truth for many years, so it is a process sometimes. You can truly lose sight of your genius zone because it is really hard to see ourselves. My friend Danielle Sabrina from "What Vibes Your Tribe" asked a bunch of us what our family and friends phone us for. Well I was shocked at my answer. My answer was, my friends and family call me for very long "life" discussions, where we explore thoughts, ideas and personal growth. Needless to say I woke up to a hidden talent I should probably use more often in my business. For instance, I love live streaming on Facebook and Periscope, I will do this more often.

In order to find your genius zone, you must first be open to the idea that you in fact have one. If you close off to this idea, it is much harder to find. Ask yourself questions about life and what makes you feel in the moment. If you really feel lost and can't admit your genius zone to yourself, ask a bunch of friends and family what they think you are good at. Best of luck, it takes time and can be a challenge especially if you have long term belief systems that you cannot get rid of.

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Below are 7 habits you can embrace going forward.

1. You get super pumped and thrilled when a new idea enters your mind. Be happy you have ideas, embrace these moments, you are lucky to be thrilled about your passions.

2. You sometimes feel full of energy and highly creative with multiple visions and ideas swirling around in your head. Cherish these moments and write down all of your ideas. Afterwards cross off the one's you honestly know you cannot pursue. Keep the ideas that feel truly aligned with your happy side.

3. You sometimes feel low energy and a bit sad because you feel blocked for ideas. You wonder if all the great ideas will come back soon. All things pass, including the down parts of being multi passionate. If you feel, low energy, you may need a well- deserved break and time to chill out and do your own thing, without thinking too much.


4. You spend time with family and friends but need a note pad by your side, because a powerful idea could enter your mind at any time. Buy an awesome note pad, or use a cool note app on your phone.

5. You want to have time weekly to work on your creative projects, if you get too busy with life, you get a bit grumpy. Keep your eye on the light. Sometimes life gets crazy busy and we don't have as much time to work on projects. But maybe you will have even more inspiration when you get back to working.

6. You sometimes feel a lack of focus and get down on yourself. The times when you feel a lack of focus, think hard about your priorities. Feeling a lack of anything is a great opportunity to weed out things that no longer make you feel good. Cross some shit off your list and keep the golden nuggets.

7. You want to pursue many different projects you are passionate about but you know realistically you can't possibly go after them all. Work on things that make you feel excellent, by excellent I mean things that bring the best out in you. If you focus on excellence, then you know you are producing truly epic stuff!

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Let me know in the comments below, if you found these tips helpful. Sincerely, Sky