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7 Healthy Tips For Creating Happy Holidays

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Coming from someone who loves to celebrate, I find this time of year most exciting. The holiday season gives us opportunities to be thankful, give to one another, and ring in another new year.

With all our reasons to act in exceptional ways, the holidays can also be times of stress and cause us to lose our sense of equilibrium. A flurry of holiday errands, "to-do" lists, and social obligations can push us out of alignment and affect our natural sense of balance.

So as the holiday season has moved into full swing, here are seven quick tips to help you maintain better balance while we celebrate this exciting time of year:

Eat... healthy foods high in vitamins and minerals. But don't skimp on the fun. Along with the usual holiday treats and desserts, add enough real foods to balance it out--including healthy proteins and complex carbohydrates. Your blood sugar will thank you.

Drink... plenty of water and other healthy fluids. Watch your alcohol intake and keep your wits about you at holiday parties. If you're bored with beverages, try adding low-sugar fruit juices or other natural flavorings to hot or cold water. These can make healthy alternatives that are both delicious and nutritious. Be creative!

Be present... with yourself and the people around you. Seriously. Maximize your time off. Spend the holidays with the people you love, doing the things you love to do. In addition, take moments for yourself to breathe, introspect, and appreciate what you have. The holidays can be some of the most memorable moments of our lives, so enjoy them while they are here.

Rest... between activities and get plenty of sleep at night. If you know you'll be out late, try to take a quick power nap--a little goes a long way. The holidays always include extra activities and will take more energy than usual, so getting adequate amounts of rest will let you join in all the fun.

Move... your body. Especially if our eating goes a little out of whack during the holiday season, moving our bodies will help keep our blood moving and our bodies more resilient. Even a short walk in the mornings or evenings can do wonders--plus, a little fresh air and a chat with a friend or family member while we're walking is always a great way to refresh and reconnect.

Stop... the spread of colds and illness. By remembering simple things like covering our mouths when we sneeze or cough and washing our hands often, we can quickly reduce the spread of germs. Carry extra tissues with you if your nose is runny, and pack natural throat lozenges if you have a cough.

Unplug... from your phone, pad, TV, iPod. The world won't come to an end without your updated status every hour--trust me. Get back to the basics. Dig into your old collections of classic holiday movies and music. Unplug from the rest of the world and plug back into a movie, music, and the people around you. You'll be glad you did, and so will they.

Here's to a healthy and happy holidays!

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