7 Hot Sex Toys Perfect For Menopausal Women

Want to re-establish a relationship with your libido? Try these.

Menopause has been known to wallop a big gut-punch to our libidos. Vaginal dryness comes as part of the menopausal package and the result is that we often would rather spend the night with Ben and Jerry than our lovers. Huff/Post50 turned to the experts for suggestions on the best toys for spicing up our sex lives.

Thanks to our friends at the Pleasure Chest for their guidance.


1. Fiera arouser for women.

Look Mom, no hands! This is a small hands-free wearable product that stimulates arousal. There's even some science behind it, which we can appreciate. It combines gentle suction and multi-focal vibration to encourage blood flow and lubrication in the female genitals – very important for menopausal women, as they may experience more vaginal dryness or a decrease in arousal as they age.  

This product likes to say it eliminates the "pause" in menopause. Certainly it rocks as a before-sex toy meant to get you in the mood. 

On sale now for $199. (MSRP $299).


2. Magic Wand Rechargeable.

H/T to our friends at the Pleasure Chest in Los Angeles for flagging this update to the classic Magic Wand. This baby packs just as much punch as the original but eliminates the need to be tethered to a plug. The Magic Wand Rechargeable actually can be used both cordless and plugged in (a kind of “plug-and-play,” if you will.) For the uninitiated, the original Magic Wand, around since 1968, is the gold standard of vibrators and the ability to use it in locations with no handy electrical socket has already won over many loyalists. We join the chorus though of wishing it was waterproof. As an aside, we love this wink-wink on the Magic Wand's website: "Whether you are looking to soothe an aching shoulder or want a more 'personal' massage experience, the Magic Wand massager is the proven answer that has earned Americans’ trust and rave reviews for years." Amen to that. $135 for the rechargable.

3. Palm Power Massager.

Competition can always be found chomping at the heels of genius, and vibrators are no exception to this rule. The Palm Power is a small, powerful cordless massager that rivals the power of the Magic Wand. We play no favorites. Check both out.

 4. Lelo Smart Wand.

If it's really waterproof you want, check this out. We'd hate losing readers to electrocution. A word of caution though about thrashing about in slippery showers and tubs: Falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries among seniors, says the National Council on Aging. Be safe out there.


 5. Ami Kegel Ball Set.

We all know that we shouldn't stop exercising as we get older, right? Well, that's also true when it comes to your vaginal muscles. Building up muscle strength with kegel balls helps maintain the elasticity of the vaginal wall which, in turn, helps strengthen orgasms. $60.

6.  Eroscillator. 

OK, so vibrators aren't your thing. Consider an Eroscillator which, rather than vibrating, moves back and forth ever so slightly while still providing a powerful sensation. A distinction without a difference? Perhaps. $200.

7. Oasis Vibrating Dilators.

Dilators, not dildos, you sillyhead. These are slim-sized and especially for women who are going through menopause -- a time when they are likely experiencing some tightening of the hooha. Sex is no fun if it hurts, you feel me?

And while perhaps not sex toys per se, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention some of the vaginal lubes out there designed to do the trick when your body doesn't cooperate.

The Vaginal Renewal Complex sold by Olga's Secret is a feminine hygiene product that is hormone and estrogen-free. No preservatives or artificial chemicals either. Sliquid Satin is designed as a daily vaginal moisturizer and our Pleasure Chest pals say it is one of the best water-based lubes out there. And there is Uberlube, a silicone lubricant enriched with vitamin E.  As a bonus, it comes in a classy glass bottle with a convenient pump top.

 Did we miss anything? Let us know in comments.

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