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7 Household Items That You Should Stop Stringing Along And Just Break Up With Already

Because you deserve to have a life full of love...not a life full of grimy, icky things.

Has your toothbrush seen a little too much love? Does your sponge leave a-definitely-not-so-sexy-scent on your hands after you’ve washed the dishes? There may be a disconcerting reason: bad bacteria. But never fear! A quick refresh of some common household items can kick those unwelcome germs to the curb. To tell you more, we partnered with Clorox and the Clorox ToiletWand and found the seven everyday household items to toss, clean or disinfect so that you can kiss your germ worries goodbye. Because, quite frankly, you deserve better than that used-up, old thang!

1. Kitchen Sponges
KidStock via Getty Images
When you think about all of those annoyingly cute stock photos of couples or families having playful, sudsy spats as they do dishes over the kitchen sink, consider that the kitchen sponge is one of the hottest hangouts for germs in your kitchen. (Someone please pass that model a disinfecting wipe!) To reduce your sponge’s ick factor, get in the habit of giving it a quick daily cleaning by rinsing it in hot soapy water, running it through the microwave for a minute and/or tossing it in the dishwasher. And when it gets stinky, it’s time to trade up. So get ready - the fun, foamy fights can begin at any moment.
2. Cutting Boards
FotografiaBasica via Getty Images
Another factoid that you may not be in love with? Slicing and dicing meats on your cutting board can leave an alarming amount of bacteria -- more than your toilet seat! (I know, right?!) Rinsing isn’t enough to get rid of bacteria that can be found in uncooked meat or fish, so be sure to wipe it down with a disinfectant. Pro-tip: keep your cutting boards specific, with one for meats and another for produce, so that the two never meet -- because that’s one relationship that you don’t want to help cultivate.
3. Coffee Makers
somethingway via Getty Images
Who isn’t in love with their coffeemaker? The coffeemaker is an oft-overlooked kitchen offender that brews up plenty of germs along with your daily caffeine fix. For those of us that are both coffee-fanatics and germaphobes, there is hope! To brew coffee sans bacteria, give your carafe, lid and filter basket a daily cleaning in warm sudsy water. And, once a month, fill the reservoir with equal parts water and vinegar, and then run a cycle. Did we mention that “clean” coffee also tastes better? Be still my over-caffeinated heart!
4. Toothbrushes
greenazya via Getty Images
It seems that every toothpaste ad would have us kissing our our sweethearts right after we’ve brushed our teeth. (Ammirite?) It’s true: with that tingly, minty mouth, we feel perfectly kissable. But what if we told you that the average toothbrush is really, really dirty? While this is most definitely true, there’s no need to prevent puckering up. Just replace your brush frequently - every three to four months, according to the American Dental Association. You can also disinfect your brush regularly by submerging the head in mouthwash for 20 minutes. And you may want to make sure that your S.O. is doing the same. Just saying…
5. Family Room Rugs
fStop Images - Halfdark via Getty Images
The family room: the great place for congregating, relaxing, playing or just getting cozy. Because it’s well-loved, the family room rug is one of the most highly-trafficked areas in a home -- it is way dirtier than the average toilet seat! Turns out the family room rug is a great place for everyone to get cozy, including bacteria, dead skin, pet hair, dust mites and pollen. (Are you reaching for the vacuum yet?) Consider a machine washable area rug instead, so that you can give it the loving care that it needs. And if that’s not an option, make sure to vacuum regularly, keep the carpet dry, and have it professionally cleaned once or twice a year. That way you can cozy up at the foot of your love seat with peace-of-mind.
6. Pet Beds
KrystynaTaran via Getty Images
Your furry BFFs will love you forever if you give them a comfortable bed by the couch. But pet beds can be dumping grounds for bacteria and microbes tracked in from the outdoors. Not to mention what pets bring into your own bed if they like to snuggle up… (But they’re so cute and cuddly!) Regularly putting your pet’s bed through the washer and dryer will kill many potential harmful bacteria so that you can give your favorite fur-balls the snuggly spot they deserve.
7. Remote Controls
Geber86 via Getty Images
The next time that you cozy-up on the couch to Netflix and chill, you probably don’t want to be thinking about the fact that the T.V. remote is a bacterial hotspot. As one of the most-touched items in a home, those hot buttons also see a lot of regular food contamination, thanks to simultaneous snacking and surfing. Keeping your remote clean is as simple as wiping it down with a disinfectant wipe at least once a week, or more frequently if it has been handled by your sick sweetheart.

With a few simple actions, you can turn a hotbed of germs into a clean haven that you love. Treat yo’self and dump the germ factor confidently knowing you can keep things fresh with little effort. Because it’s actually pretty easy to fall back in love with your home. And a happy healthy relationship? Well, naturally, that’s something that we all deserve.

Grossed out by the germy items you keep around the house? Maybe we should start with that thing that literally scrubs the inside of your toilet and then just sits there sadly gathering...ewwwww... The Clorox® ToiletWand® replaces the traditional, filthy & disappointing toilet bowl brush with a sanitary wand that has a disposable spongey head. You deserve to fall back in love with your toilet bowl― it’s time to break up with the brush!