7 Illinois High Schools With Surprising Mascots

Fall sports season is underway for Illinois high school students who are wearing their school colors and being cheered on by their schools' mascots. But among the ubiquitous Eagles and Wildcats, some Illinois high schools have some pretty creative mascots.

Check out seven unique Illinois high school mascots:

Cobden High School Appleknockers


Hoopeston Area High School Cornjerkers


Centralia High School Orphans


Zion-Benton High School Zee-Bees


Illinois Valley Central High School Grey Ghosts


Farmington Central High School Farmers


Freeburg Community High School Midgets


According to high school sports website MaxPrep, the most common high school mascot in Illinois is the Eagles, with 33 teams named after the bird. The next most common are the Wildcats, the Panthers and the Warriors. The site also cites the Appleknockers, the Marcos and the Green Giants, among others, as the only mascots with those names in the country.

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