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7 Incredible Hotel Fitness Centers You Won't Believe

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By Jason Heidemann for the Orbitz Travel Blog

Had a good new year? Made a few resolutions? Already forgot them? These unbelievable hotel fitness centers make it easy to get back on track. If you're tired of hitting the hotel fitness center only to discover it's basically a converted janitor's closet with a tread mill and a couple of weight balls, this list is for you: Check out 7 incredible hotel gyms full of outrageous options for big time fitness buffs.

Bulgari Hotel

Bulgari Hotel: London, England
Yes, this is the same Bulgari that produces fine jewelry, watches, fragrances and accessories and was founded in Rome in 1884. Lately they've been elbowing their way into the luxury hotel market including a London outpost that features Workshop, a one-on-one customized center for fitness excellence. The Bulgari Hotel's gym features trainers who take guests through a regimen that may include lifting, swimming, yoga, boxing, small group workouts, pilates and fascial stretch therapy--whatever the heck that is.

Grand Hyatt Denver

Grand Hyatt: Denver, CO
The Mile High City ups the wow factor while giving athletes a lung-expanding challenge with its impressive one-of-a-kind (at least in Denver) rooftop fitness center which includes a running track, tennis courts, fitness stations, shuffleboard and lounge chairs for catching rays. But not every day in Denver is a sunny one and the Grand Hyatt's enclosed facilities are no slouch either: Expect an indoor pool, treadmills, weights and so forth.

Viva Wyndham

Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach: Dominican Republic
You like to hang upside down and whirl through the air while on vacation? Among the more unusual workouts you'll experience abroad is the seaside trapeze session at the all-inclusive Viva Wyndham Dominicus Beach. In addition to the outdoor pool and tennis courts plus opportunities for table tennis, weightlifting and volleyball, is the opportunity to be suspended 25 feet above the ground and fly through the air while surrounded by sand, surf, sea and palm trees. Best of all? The lesson is completely free.

Langham Sydney

The Langham: Sydney, Australia
What if you could lap swim outside at night while actually indoors during the daytime? That might sound confusing but at the ultra-luxurious Langham in Sydney, aquatic enthusiasts can strap on their goggles and a cossie (that's Aussie shorthand for swim costume) and take an early A.M. dip in a 20-meter lap pools surrounded by summertime murals and with a painted to resemble the nighttime sky.