7 Laws of Personal Power That Exponentially Elevate Quality of Life

It is your standards of happiness, love, values, personal development and responsibility that set your course in life. Have the courage to think as big as you can, expect nothing less than the best, and most importantly, be kind. Here are seven ways to exponentially elevate your quality of life.
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It is a fundamental need to search for and express your personal freedom and power in life. It is through experiencing our unrestricted freedom that happiness comes. You are here to gain from struggle your higher standards for the living and loving you dream to experience. Empower yourself to stay motivated in overcoming the fears which keep you stuck in accepting the smaller parcels of life's joy.

To exponentially elevate the quality of your life commit to removing your fearful thoughts, acts of timidity, and the need to be the same as everyone else to feel a sense of belonging. Have the courage to live by higher standards and never apologize for them. Trust that the people who want to be in your life will rise to meet you at your highest expectations.

It is your standards of happiness, love, values, personal development and responsibility that set your course in life. Have the courage to think as big as you can, expect nothing less than the best, and most importantly, be kind.

1. Healthy relationship choices: At is core, a happy and fulfilling life is centered in your relationships. When your relationships are frustrating, all other aspects of your life become frustrating. Choose wisely who you involve yourself with, and understand that family isn't always blood.

Make sure those you love are in sync with the creation and direction of your dreams. In these relationships set standards for the type of life and love you wish to experience and commit to reaching these new levels of happiness in these relationships. Expect to be loved and respected and to give it in return.

You can only go so far in life alone. You need others for your happiness, empowerment and completeness. In life, choose love wisely. You must work on yourself so you are capable of creating the high quality loving relationships you desire. When you choose love wisely it not only enhances your own personal fulfillment but it enhances the lives of all those you touch.

2. Never neglect yourself: Personal power and complacency cannot co-exist in the making of a high quality life. Dedicate time and energy wherever necessary to ensure that no important areas of your life are neglected.

Complete life's tasks, big and small. Work hard to overcome obstacles by focusing on what can be gained, learned, and improved upon to make life and love flow more effortlessly. Make lists of things which need to be done with expectations of your performance and dates for completion. Put focused effort on what is most important for your bigger picture, not on what is urgent. Urgency creates an irrational mind, so allow those elements settle while you focus on what you can control.

In personal power you are your most important product. If you neglect yourself personally, you will limit the quality life you dream of. Make sure you are setting high standards in all areas of life so these areas are nurtured and working together to provide you the feeling of completeness.

3. Focus on possibilities not problems: With personal power you possess the deep belief there are available solutions for all your problems. When you approach challenges from a solution-focused perspective it engages the creative process of examining and architecting alternate routes in lei of staying stuck in false beliefs of why things cannot be done, or why there are certain things you cannot have.

If you cannot find a solution, open your thoughts to others, seek their guidance and suggestions. Solution-focused minds reward and inspire each other. When solutions are the focus of your life you learn to fail and adapt and move away from the fix and fail approach.

Personal power and the high quality life you desire is always in the possibility, not the problem.

4. Self-development: To grow in personal power consistently monitor, evaluate and adjust your own life, your relationships, your self-care, your attitude and personal beliefs to stay clear of complacency so you may continue meeting your higher standards.

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated in reaching your higher standards is to write things down and define your direction. Describe what superior performance would be in light of your chosen desires, and then describe what complacent performance would be. Commit to staying away from lower level habits that rip you from the abundance you deserve.

5. Manage time wisely: To uphold your personal power examine where you spend most of your time. Do you get the most important tasks out of the way first or do you typically get through the small, tedious things which seem more urgent? Getting caught in small, urgent tasks pull you from the more important goals requiring your attention. Focus on what is most important and work from there.

When it comes to relationships, be on time or early to all events, personal and professional, as this gives your commitments the feeling of importance. When you can make another person feel significant, this is power. How you are with time says everything about your commitment and character as a person.

When you respect your time and that of others, you and everyone around you, will rise to much higher standards.

6. Take responsibility: Whatever happens in your life and relationships the best path to the development of your personal power is to accept responsibility for the outcomes, both positive and negative, which are the result of your efforts. If you make a mistake, see it as a self-created learning experience. Figure out what needs to shift for you to be more loving and effective. Always be flexible to changing your approach.

Power is understanding that mistakes gift you with more than they take. It is from mistakes all new directions arise.

Personal power is not about ego. It is about humility and a willingness to learn. Inspire in others the willingness to accept personal responsibility for the outcomes of their lives as well. To inspire this in those you love you must first demonstrate these behaviors publically, powerfully and consistently yourself.

Elevating another to live at a higher level of life is the gift your personal power inspires.

7. Be kind: There is no greater a value to offer as a human being than the simple power of kindness. Kindness does not mean you are a "yes" person or push over. Kindness which is love based is the kindness that can deliver good and bad news with grace. Kindness that is geared toward higher standards is the kindness which gives feedback to others rather than criticism. Kindness that inspires hard work is the kindness that sees possibilities not problems.

Be kind. Be good to yourself and the people you love. Create the emotional environment around you to be infectious, contagious and advantageous to all who are blessed to be a part of it.

Kindness will take you further in life than any other human attribute.

To create and experience personal power means you embrace your inalienable right to think for yourself, to speak your mind, and to pursue happiness, success and financial gain. It allows you to seek self-awareness and a sense of peace, and to do so without having to conform to anyone else's smaller standards including your own.

Sherapy Advice: Empower yourself by loving yourself. Take advantage of what it means to have the unrestricted opportunity to love your life, to be kind, and to strive for that beautiful and attainable sense of personal freedom. In your freedom lies your personal power.