7 lessons to learn from gossips

There is a fact: people like to gossip about other but do not like other talk something behind their back. I do not like gossips and do my best to avoid gossips. However, it is really hard, even unrealistic to avoid all of them. So I have changed my perspective and found out below valuable lessons that we can learn from gossipers.

Do things that matter

They help us realize that no matter a man (or woman) is good or not, they gossip about them anyway. So we should not care about doing nice things to impress other and just doing things that matter.

Letting go

A person gossips about each other because they do not know how to deal with their own hurts or suffers. They cannot let go someone or something that hurts them in the past. And gossip is a way they do when they cannot find a better solution. So gossipy people teach us to learn about the art of letting go or we will behave like them.


Gossipers show us how much compassion is needed in our world today. If people have a compassionate friend or partner or they have their own compassion, the chance they gossip is less because compassionate people do not enjoy gossip. So when we hear a gossip that is an opportunity for us to live with compassion.


Gossipy people remind us that life is unfair and there are always people who do the right and wrong things. So we learn to accept the life as they are, not the life that we force to be.

When people are weak or in trouble, stand by them.

One of the most popular topics in gossip is about someone’s disadvantages or failures. People seem to enjoy these kinds of stories to satisfy their dark side. Another reason is no one supports them when they were in the same situations as well. Gossiping about other weaknesses or mistakes is just a way they reactive to their past suffering experiences. 

So next time we see someone in troubles, we should stand by them and help them move on.

Peace is a priority 

If we experience peaceful time, we know that we are easy to forgive other. People gossip because they are not in content moment. So we need to prioritize peace building as an important thing to do every single day. And if we can help people live with peace, we would help them change their gossip habit.

Embrace culture of failure

Let's imagine if everyone is not only encouraged but helped to fail faster and better to work on the best things, would people want to gossip about each other?

When a culture does not embrace failures and consider people who make mistakes as a loser, gossip has its own space to survive and pass around the corner.

So the last (but not least) value that gossip people can teach us is embracing failures of us and other.

To end this article, I would like to say that things come and go every single second. So we should not waste our time talking bad about other for whatever reason. If there is a gossip person in your circle, let them teach you a lesson.

Hate the gossip, but not hate the person who gossips.

Nhon is founder of Miracle Circle, a creative solution for personal development that helps people and companies renew, blossom and smile everyday. Follow him at nhonpt.com

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