7 Little Things Dads Can Do for the Moms in Their Life

Seven things you can start doing for the mom of your children that you probably overlook.
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Seven things you can start doing for the mom of your children that you probably overlook.

1. Change the baby's diaper.

If he or she is wet, poopy, or whatever, just change the damn thing. She shouldn't have to ask you to do these little things. As a matter of fact this applies to lots of things. Such as the dishes, or garbage, or even just running to grab milk. She shouldn't have to ask you for help, it's a partnership. It's not "helping her" it's just playing your part in the relationship. Why leave it all to her? Why make her ask you all the time? Do you think we like sounding like nags?

2. A good back rub is worth it's weight in gold.

If she is having a bad day, take 15 minutes and pamper her. Rub her back, talk to her, bring her her favorite glass of wine or beer. It's 15 minutes. For god's sake, you probably scroll through Facebook quadruple that in a day. She will notice you doing these types of things and will start returning the favor. Believe me. We notice.

3. Plan a date night.

Don't ask her where she wants to go, or what she wants to do. Plan a night and surprise her! Do something she will like, do something new, do something romantic or adventurous. It doesn't even have to cost a dime. If girls can use Pinterest to plan their future weddings to men they have never met, guys you can get on and find date ideas.


4. Listen to her.

I mean, listen for real. Don't just hear the words coming out of her mouth. Listen to her and understand what she is saying. There is a difference between hearing someone talk to you and listening to them.

5. Make her feel like she is the only woman in the world.

Stop excessively flirting with your cashier at the grocery store. It is not okay to know more about Sally's week at the office and what her favorite color is than it is to know what's going on with your own girl. Just stop. You know you would be a ball of testosterone if she did that to you. It's not about jealousy, it's about respect.


Enough said.

7. Show interest.

If you want her to show any interest in things you love or that are important to you. Take the time to return the favor. Why should she care how to build your own air soft mines and bug out vehicles if you can't even spend five minutes having coffee with her and looking at her favorite things?