7 Marketing Techniques That All The Best Online Dating Profiles Use

7 Marketing Techniques That All The Best Online Dating Profiles Use
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In this article you will learn how the best online dating profiles market themselves to stand out from the competition and attract the highest quality men and women online.

Meet Nicole. Nicole is kind, personable, and just plain fun. Other people love being around her and she loves being around them.

The only problem is, none of these qualities translate to the online dating profile she has created. The online version of Nicole comes across as boring, cliche, and completely fails to stand out from the competition.

This is a challenge that most people face online. You could be the best catch in the world, but if you don’t know how to translate this to the written word, your audience won’t care about what you are advertising.

At the end of the day, it’s all about marketing yourself correctly. The best online dating profiles are masterful at selling a life that other people want to be a part of. So let’s take a look at 7 ways that you should be marketing your online dating profile to stand out from the competition.

1. The best online dating profiles market themselves to the right audience

You may be a great writer, but if your writing isn’t marketed to the audience you are attempting to attract, all that effort will result in less than stellar results.

Over the years I’ve provided countless profile evaluations to women who were attempting to attract men with profiles that would appeal much more to women then men.

Your profile must be written in a manner that speaks to your audience. Suppose you are attracted to alpha males who are big, strong, rugged, natural leaders.

You may love knitting on a Sunday morning followed by a relaxing afternoon in your garden, but will that really appeal to your target audience?

2. The best profiles grab their audience with an immediate hook

Nobody wants to read a profile that starts off boring. The best online dating profiles instantly hook their audiences attention and generate interest.

But don’t panic over this. You don’t have to break the mold with your hook with some game changing introduction. Something as simple as a playful comment, or beginning your profile with a whole lot of positive energy is often enough to reel your audience in.

The worst profiles open with quotes, lists of what they don’t want in a partner, or statements that they are hesitant about the process of online dating.

3. Great profiles generate excitement

Excitement equals fun. And people love to have fun.

The question is, what about you will excite people? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you love to travel? Are you always trying new hobbies? Do you love to socialize and meet new people? Are you extremely well-rounded? All of the above and more?

Excitement comes in all shapes and forms. You don’t have to jump out of planes to be exciting. In fact, that might even turn your audience off if they aren’t adrenaline seekers themselves.

Something as simple as having a multitude of appealing personality traits can get others excited about the prospect of getting to know you. It’s all about knowing who your target audience is. Think about what makes your life exciting and make sure it shows.

4. The best online dating profiles create an emotional response

When the ASPCA runs a commercial for animals, their target audience of animal lovers often feels compassion and moved to help. When Match.com runs an online dating ad, they want their audience to feel hope and enthusiastic about online dating.

Every commercial seeks to generate an emotional response from their audience. So the question is, what type of emotional response do you need to create? In the online dating world, the best emotions to build with your audience are joy, hope, trust and anticipation. Avoid any emotions that reveal anger, bitterness, or frustration.

5. The best online dating profiles paint the picture of a better life

When Apple shows off it’s new I-Phone features, it doesn’t just show its audience a phone. It paints the picture of a better life.

Their ads show customers taking pictures all over the world. They show parents face timing with their children during milestone events. They shows doctors using I-Pads for medical purposes.

Apple isn’t just selling a phone. It’s selling a better life for everyone. This is exactly what your profile should focus on doing.

Here are just a few ways to create the image of a better life:

  • Writing with positive vibes throughout and avoiding any negative comments will allow you to paint the picture of a happier life.
  • Avoiding cliches and writing in your own unique voice will paint the picture of a life with someone who isn’t the same as every other person out there.
  • Displaying as many hobbies as you can, or showing your sense of adventure (traveling, trying new things, etc.), will paint the picture of a life that will never be filled with boredom and complacency.

The more you reveal the story of a better life, the more results your profile will generate from worthwhile prospects.

6. The best dating profiles are masterful at holding the attention span of their audience

Your window to hold the attention span of another online dater is almost zero these days. But the best profiles are able to grab that attention and maintain it for a full read.

How do you do this? Sell something that few other people are. When you post a profile filled with life, energy, enthusiasm, diversity, drive, family values, kindness, humor, and a unique voice, it will be hard for others to look away. Who would want to pass up on that?

But holding attention spans is more than just displaying desirable qualities. You also need to have structure and make your writing easy on the eyes.

See how this article is filled with many short paragraphs? This will keep your audience from skipping paragraphs and making your profile feel like a homework assignment.

Finally, sprinkle at least 2 playful comments into your profile. Think about how every Super Bowl commercial goes for the jugular with comedy. This is because comedy is always the most successful way to grab the attention of your audience. You don’t have to be laugh out loud funny, but try to at least be playful.

7. The best profiles speak directly to their audience

The goal of a marketing campaign is to make your audience feel like you are being directly spoken to, despite the fact that millions of people might be seeing the exact same commercial.

Notice how I keep talking directly to you right now? This creates a much better connection than talking in the third person, despite the fact that you are far from the only person reading this article.

The best profiles apply this concept to the online dating world. When you write your profile, always write in the first person and don’t be afraid to talk directly to the reader by posing direct questions and writing in a conversational manner.

For example, if you express your love of travel, try following it up with, “Where’s next on your bucket list?”

Not only does this create more of a sub-conscious one on one connection by talking to the reader, but it will also bait the reader into messaging you by giving him or her something to comment on.

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