7 Moments That Prove The Airport Is Heaven For Kids, Hell For Parents

For most adults, the airport is a harrowing place of security lines, lost luggage and adrenaline-fueled races to the gate.

But for most kids, it's paradise.

"My 7-year-old thought the flight to Disney World was more fun than Disney World itself," writes Facebook user Jackie Monday. "Wish I would have known that ahead of time!"

We asked the parents of the HuffPost Lifestyle Facebook community to share how their kids view the airport differently from adults. Their responses will make you laugh, and perhaps make you savor the journey a little more.

KIDS THINK: "I love the stores!" --Facebook user Brittany Craddock Stromberg

GROWN-UPS THINK: "The airport is where I buy any toy that will keep my kids quiet on the plane."

KIDS THINK: "We are off on another adventure together!" --Facebook user Amber Cuevas Thornton

GROWN-UPS THINK: "We are embarking on a multi-stage gauntlet journey in which my skills, stamina, and human strength will be severely tested, all while 35,000 feet in the air. I can do this."

KIDS THINK: "I go so fast!" --Facebook user Brittany Lee

GROWN-UPS THINK: "Great way to keep her entertained and to exhaust her prior to the flight." --Facebook user Brittany Lee.

KIDS THINK: "My four-year-old always wanted to meet the co-pilot, never the pilot! So we have several photos of him in the cockpit with the co-pilots." --Facebook user Shawna Slatter Hendricks

GROWN-UPS THINK: "Let's talk with as few humans as possible."

KIDS THINK: "This airport is a playground! ... And wouldn't it be funny if Daddy were apprehended by Homeland Security?" --Facebook user Mike Julianelle

GROWN-UPS THINK: "PLEASE don't play hide-and-seek in the plane cabin!"

KIDS THINK: "My four-year-old reads through all the safety brochures and explains to ME how to safely evacuate the plane in case of an emergency." --Facebook user Rebecca Smith

GROWN-UPS THINK: "Those things still exist?!"

KIDS THINK: "After we got back from Hawaii, My two-year-old screamed for the airport the way he screams for his blanket at night." --Facebook user Alison Chrun

GROWN-UPS THINK: "I will never go back there again."