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7 Must-Have Apps for the Busiest Entrepreneurs

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Plenty of apps promise to automate and simplify your business operations, but few actually deliver. These busy entrepreneurs, who are highly involved in every level of their business, have tried them all, and these are the apps from 2015 they swear by.

A. Pomodoro Pro


Pomodoro Pro helps with time management, maximizing productivity and supporting a healthy life. Working in 25-minute increments helps tackle those tasks that get pushed aside. The app celebrates milestones and accomplishments and is a great reminder to take breaks and stretch. When you want to throw in the towel, you know you have 25 minutes to start something. Small steps lead to major progress. - ANGELA DELMEDICO, Elev8 Consulting Group

A. Black Law Dictionary


My favorite has been Thomson Reuters' Black's Law Dictionary, available on both Android and iOS. As a lawyer, I make a point to know everything there is to know about my profession. But even so, occasionally I'll need a quick citation or a refresher on a particular term. It's incredibly convenient being able to simply pull out my phone, glance down at what I'm trying to define and continue with my day. - Steven Buchwald, Buchwald & Associates

A. Flippa


Keeping an eye on your industry and up-and-coming sites is key. Flippa is one of the top sites online for buying and selling domains, websites and mobile apps. With the Flippa app, I can quickly see what is selling, what sites gain the most interest and also get new ideas on how to better create and market business ideas. - Zac Johnson, How to Start a Blog

A. Slack


Slack helps us communicate across teams and geographies instantly. It helps reduce our internal email load by at least 75 percent and the amount of friction when making decisions. We've also really enjoyed bringing our outside design, PR and marketing agencies on the platform so that we can communicate with them in real time instead of through email. - Julian Flores, GetOutfitted, Inc.

A. TeamworkPM


Teamwork's project management tool has been a godsend for my business. We are working on many projects with a lot of moving parts, and this tool helps us pull them all together by dividing the work into tasks and subtasks, with the ability to directly integrate Google Doc files. It makes it really easy to get a clear snapshot of project status at any given time. - Kathryn Hawkins, Eucalypt Media

A. Asana


We love using Asana to organize all of our team's tasks and to quickly review priorities and projects. - Lisa Curtis, Kuli Kuli

A. Boomerang


There are tons of conversations to track when producing an event, so we use Boomerang to follow up on emails that haven't been replied to. It's our secret weapon at Reinventing Events! - Karen Hartline, Reinventing Events

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