7 Must-Have Handbag Items for Spontaneous Casual Sex


Straight ladies, if there's any chance your evening will end up in a sleepover, transform your purse into a make-shift washbag. Even if there isn't a snowball's chance in hell you'll be getting nooky tonight, carry these items with you anyway -- because the best hook-ups happen when you least expect them.

  1. Compact ballet flats. Don't be caught making the walk of shame home at 7am in your uncomfortable six-inch disco stilettos. Sidekicks foldable ballet flats can transform that journey home into a walk of fame.

  • Condoms. Even if you're on the Pill, or some other form of birth control, do not assume that it's the guy's responsibility to provide the STD protection, simply because he's the one to wear it. You are responsible for your own sexual health. Plus, there's nothing worse than running out of safety socks when you're both up for round two!
  • Mascara & moisturizing lipstick. You don't need your whole ten-pound makeup bag, just these two essentials. The mascara will brighten up tired eyes in the morning -- L'Oreal's Double Extend is a good affordable bet. And a moisturizing lipstick will add color while soothing lips chapped from kissing. The lipstick can even double as impromptu rouge (though your cheeks will probably already be flushed from the evening's activities). And this one comes with its own mini mirror. With these simple tools, you'll look bright and fresh in the morning, without looking overdone.
  • Dissolvable breath strips. A toothbrush and toothpaste, even travel-sized, is a bit much to tote around all evening. But you don't want to be chomping on a piece of gum like a cow, either after dinner or before breakfast (before you're ready to get out of bed and clean your teeth). Minty breath strips are compact, powerful and dissolve quickly, so you can get onto more important things.
  • A tank top. If what you're wearing out that night will look funny on a commuter train home in the morning (or out at brunch), then pack something small you can wear as a top alternative. Nothing gives away a one-night stand like a sequined halter top glittering in the morning light. Note: If you are attending a super fancy affair, either bring a purse which can hold a casual skirt too or don't sleepover (a girl's gotta have her dignity).
  • A book of matches. Speaking of dignity, should you find yourself in the unfortunate and unlucky situation of being stuck in his bathroom in desperate need of a room deodorizer, light a match, quickly blow it out, and flush it down the toilet.
  • A razor. If you're one of those women who can't stand her own stubble, carry a razor in your purse. Because if you end up at his place, chances are he'll have some shaving cream in his bathroom that you can borrow for a quick touch up. Remember, men can be very territorial about their razors, and nothing's more annoying to him than nicking his neck the next day because you dulled his Mach 3 with your leg hair -- and yes, he'll always be able to tell.
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