This 7-Year Old Reporter Is Unbelievably Poised And Needs His Own Segment Stat

We're already loyal fans.

He may not be a seasoned reporter, but we'd totally be this little guy's loyal viewers. 

Mater Vandelour, 7, was recently featured as a guest reporter for Australia's Channel 7 News Queensland, covering The Royal Queensland Show or "Ekka" -- an agricultural festival. And the cute correspondent totally had us at, "G'day, Kendall!" 

Mater's segment was shared on Facebook, where the clip has amassed more than 2,500 shares and 14,400 likes and captured many, many hearts. 

Watch as the young reporter visits some sheep, checks out the rides and learns how some of the show's food is made.

We're struggling to choose our favorite part of the broadcast. Maybe it's when he proclaims, "I'm doing an interview on you!" Or when he says "I can't believe I got bumped by a sheep!"

Anyway, can someone please just give Mater his own show? 


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