7 Places To Meet Someone In Real Life (including my personal favorite!)

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This article was originally published on MG International on September 20, 2017.

Looking for actual places to meet someone in “real life”?

Hey, I get it.

With the takeover of online dating, you’d be convinced that the only place to meet anyone worthwhile is on some “big dating site dot com”. Not only that, it’s perfectly normal (…and encouraged) to get out to meet and mingle with different groups in person.

That’s why I’ve put together for you this great list of places to meet people in real life…

#1 - Happy Hour: What better way to happily meet people than during Happy Hour? Since it’s usually happening after work, everyone’s let their hair down. Plus, you can easily converse with different people without it feeling awkward.

#2 - Volunteer Somewhere: Volunteering is a great place to meet and bond with someone on an altruistic level because you both have this shared interest. Plus, it gives you plenty to talk about.

#3 - Workout Class: After a workout you’re probably feeling confident, so you’re more likely to approach people. The best part about a workout is that you release endorphins into the air. This means you’re naturally happier and smiling, which makes you more approachable as well.

#4 - A New Sports Event or Common Hobby Place: If you want to meet someone who has the same sports interest, or hobby as you, start going to sporting events and other hobby places. Ideas for hobby places include cooking classes, painting classes, or other meetup places.

#5 - Vacation: If you meet someone while on vacation, trust me…you’ll remember it forever! Vacation is the time when you’re truly letting your hair down, and other people are too.

#6 - Famer’s Market: You never know who you’ll meet while out shopping for fresh flowers, fruits and veggies. Plus, Farmer’s Markets are the perfect “no-pressure” environment to start a conversation.

#7 - Conferences: This is my personal favorite because conferences foster an environment of like-minded people. Since you’re at the same training, you get to share reactions and takeaways and bond on something that you’re both passionate about.

Now that you have these 7 hot places to meet someone in real life, it’s important to remember that none of this will mean anything if you’re not willing to open up.

Don’t miss out by waiting for people to approach you. Be okay with approaching others. When you meet someone who interests you, you simply start with something like, “Hi, I’m ____, how are you”?

It breaks the ice and if you do it once a day, you’ll feel more and more comfortable with meeting and talking to new people.

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