7 Powerful Abortion Stories, As Narrated By Famous Women

Elizabeth Banks, Dascha Polanco and more "draw the line" for women's reproductive rights.

“An unplanned pregnancy put both my job and my health at risk.” 

“In the darkest moment of my life I was denied the constitutional right that gave me options.” 

“I was not ready to raise a child with the care and attention they deserved."

Those are lines from just a few of the powerful abortion stories featured in a new video campaign called "Draw The Line." Created by the Center For Reproductive Rights, "Draw The Line" features seven actresses sharing other women's abortions stories to bring awareness to women's reproductive rights and health. 

The campaign includes Elizabeth Banks, Mercedes Mason, Bellamy Young, Mary McCormack, Dascha Polanco, Amy Brenneman and Retta. 

In the two-minute supercut above, each actress narrates a real woman's experience. The larger "Draw The Line" series includes seven videos, one from each actress telling the full story of a woman who has had an abortion. 

The seven abortion stories featured in the "Draw The Line" series are all different. One woman was prompted to get an abortion due to an ectopic pregnancy, while another woman was simply not ready to be a mother. 

The Center For Reproductive rights launched the video campaign only two days before the 43rd anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, which granted women the right to choice. The Supreme Court's November 2015 announcement that it will hear the Texas abortion case Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, the outcome of which has the potential to shut down most of the abortion clinics in Texas, also prompted the campaign. 

"We’re asking you to stand with us against political attacks on reproductive health care and say: This is where I draw the line," the campaign's About section reads. 

Below is each woman's story in full, narrated by seven famous women. 

Head over to Draw The Line to read more about the campaign or share your own abortion story. 

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