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7 Real-Life Reasons Your Dog Is A Furry Superhero

7 Real-Life Reasons Your Dog Is A Furry Superhero
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Everyone thinks his or her dog has super powers. We’ve all seen a “My Dog Rescued Me” bumper sticker, or heard a relative swear that her poodle sees ghosts.

But what if we told you that those folks are onto something? Dogs really do have incredible powers, some of which even border on the supernatural, that are strongly backed up by science. We know — holy canine capabilities, Batman!

So get out the cape and turn on the dog signal. In partnership with Glad with Febreze, we are unmasking the amazing, real-life powers of dogs.



You already know that your furry friend has a good nose. But did you know a dog’s sense of smell is actually 10,000 to 100,000 times as acute as a human’s? Forget leaping tall buildings in a single bound; a dog could, theoretically, sniff out one rotten apple amid 2 million barrels full of them, according to one scientist. That means your hound knows who’s at the door, what they had for lunch, and whether or not they’re wearing cologne. … A pretty impressive skill, especially if you’re avoid that neighbor who’s always selling something. Thanks, buddy!

The Mighty Matchmaker
Forget Tinder, your dog can help you get a date. A survey of 2,000 Britons found that one in five women said a man who has a dog is instantly more attractive. So skip the bar scene and let your little four-legged sorcerer work her magic on the pretty lady with the Chihuahua at the dog park. (And, let’s face it, anyone who can resist your puppy’s magnetism isn’t worth the effort it takes to swipe right, anyway.)

Dr. Dawg


Talk about man’s best friend. There’s a whole field of study around so-called bio-detection dogs that are able to detect cancer by its smell. And service dogs have been trained not only to escort those with low vision, but also to assist diabetics by alerting them to a drop in insulin levels, and even bark for help when someone is having a seizure.

Sergeant Psychic
The same fuzzy clown who chases her tail may also be able to predict a storm or even an earthquake. A researcher in Japan found a 60 percent spike in odd behavior among dogs, such as barking excessively, in the month prior to an earthquake. In a 2010 poll of dog owners, 67 percent of respondents said their pet acted weird prior to a storm. So pay attention to your furry fortune teller, and you’ll never be without your umbrella when rain in on the way.

The Owl


Did you know your pooch can see in the dark? That’s right, a dog’s night vision is around 20/80 — way better than the comparatively meager 20/20 vision of a well-seeing human.

The Chill Pill


We’ve all had the experience of feeling better after a snuggle session with our sweet pooch friend. But the act of petting your dog may do even more; research has indicated there’s a cardiovascular bonus: lowered blood pressure.

The Tail Talker


When your dog greets a comrade, and the two of them promptly sniff each other’s butts, they’re not just trying to gross you out. They’re actually speaking with chemicals, finding out about health, gender, diet and even emotions, which are some serious super skills. Think of it like Facebook for dogs. Status update: Dogs are soooo cool.

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