7 Reasons I Am Sick, Tired and Disgusted With All The Fat and Skinny Body Talk


1. On social media I watch and read people talking about appearances every single bloody day and its simply boring. Why are we so concerned and body obsessed? It's sad we continue to talk about fat, skinny, round, triangle shaped people, okay maybe not triangle. But seriously when will the madness end? We as women see it all over the internet every f*cking day. I am seriously concerned for our entire society.
2. Think of our poor children and the generations to come. Genetically some of these images and body shapes are not attainable to the average humanoid on this planet. Yes, I know you have heard it all before, articles like this one are so damn cliché but sorry I feel I must add to the pile of venting blogs on the internet. We are good problem solvers and I am still wondering why we cannot stop the never ending loop of attack after attack on outer appearances.
3. Are the body loving Gurus helping or are they making people feel competitive and controversial? I love all the body embracing women on the internet, thankfully people are speaking up, thankfully they prove we are all beautiful in our own way.


4. The constant nipping and tucking and naked booty pictures on Instagram is part of the problem. So many bum bums all over the internet, I should write a song "bum bums are coming to town" every time I login onto Instagram
5. Where are all the people talking about intelligence, world issues, parenting, personalities, depression and so on. Are we not more than a body, more than a fat little sausage roll hanging over tight jeans? Humans have so much more to offer than body and appearance. It seems like a simple logical thought process. We love each other for who we are. But again and again we seem to have to prove we are worthy by showing our big bellies, tiny bellies, big booties, big boobs, flat asses, medium sized things and so on. All in a mash of confusion.


6. We need to let it go, as a society, its tiring because we will never all look the same. Ever. Enjoying the diversity should be our main concern. We should appreciate all our connected human race joyous capabilities that have nothing to do with what our bodies look like. Although secretly I wish I had the guts to bare all on Instagram and jump around screaming "look at me I completely embrace my booty and stretch marks" but hey, maybe another day.
7. The biggest issue is we have bigger issues to tackle and I don't think it's how fat or skinny we are. I get it, health is important, but the overall obsession is what terrifies me to the core. The general pressure on our communities, our children and all the beautifully sweet awesome people on this planet. Can you tell me again why we are exposed to feeling like shit if we don't meet a certain type of expectation aesthetically? Some people are more confident, naturally, I honestly feel bad for the innocent ones.
8. My number one tip for you is try not giving a f*ck about any of it. Try to live your life being you, happy awesome you.

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