7 Reasons Kanye West Deserves To Be President

The world has never been at a shortage of delusional and insidious people who believe they're the most qualified to lead our nations. Usually when a public figure announces they'll be running for office, people are quick to take their word as a joke. But when that joke gets shared around enough and ends up picking up legitimate momentum it's not funny. It's real.

So when Kanye says he's running for president, we need to believe it. Nobody believed a reality TV star would do it, and he did and now look where we are.

So here's a list of Kanye's best presidential qualities, you know, just to keep ahead of the curve.

1. Let's start with the fact that he openly admitted to "smoking a lil something" before coming on stage at the 2015 MTV VMA's. This is exactly what we need, a president that knows how to unwind. Being president is an immensely stressful undertaking and we're sure it would be easier if you were baked the entire time.

2. Kim Kardashian will be the first lady. A lot of people like to discredit her success but let's be real. If you involve a Kardashian in anything, it is guaranteed to be more successful. Even goddamn emojis of Kim's face makes millions. So by all means, let's get her in The White House. Unlike that racist pumpkin that is Trump, she knows how to do business without scamming people, and her feud with Taylor is so much juicier than Hillary Clinton's leaked emails.

3. Terms like "HEH and "NAHHHH BRO!!!" will be used in presidential debates and addresses. Just visualize that. It's the America that the internet wants, no, needs. The 2016 Presidential Debates had Trump and Hillary talking over each other ineffectively, but we all know Kanye is the master of interrupting people during speeches. He'll straight up steal his opponent's mic if he has to.

4. With President West in the office we will finally achieve world peace. Why drop bombs when you can drop dope tracks. In a world where our leaders often choose violence as the answer to our conflicts Kanye will choose forward thinking music production, homage to great classical painters, and collaborations with The Weeknd to unite our world's people under sonic harmony.

kanye west

5. Trump seemed overly concerned with stamina in the first presidential debate, and you know who has great stamina? The hip hop star who recorded one of his biggest songs "Through The Wire" with his jaw literally wired shut. That is some real dedication.

6. Kanye will unite all classes and races through the clothes he's made. Once the new line of Yeezy fashion hits it will be impossible to tell who is super fucking rich and who is legitimately homeless. Genius. Finally an end to the materialist society we have built around us.

7. Have you seen how quickly Kanye goes from happy to dead inside? He is a man who simply can not hide his emotions and has very little desire to. What are the ulterior motives to a man as transparent as that? Isn't it time we had a little more transparency in office. Imagine that? Having a president and always know exactly what's on their mind. Trump seems to be going out of his way to hide his tax returns and inflate the records of his net worth. Kanye on the other hand has shown us transparency and humility, by revealing exactly how much money he has sunk into his creative ventures. At least with Kanye we know where the money is going.

Here's to it #KANYE2020.