7 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best

There are cat people, and then there are dog people. I like to consider myself a little bit of both, but having a dog is definitely better than having a cat in my opinion.
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There are cat people, and then there are dog people. I like to consider myself a little bit of both, but having a dog is definitely better than having a cat in my opinion. Dogs like to cuddle, show affection, and would protect you with their life. There are so many other reasons why having a dog in your life is almost a no-brainer.

They love you SO much

No matter how much your family loves you, they will never be at the door, tails wagging, jumping up and down, and kissing your face happy to see you when you get home. Nothing makes me feel much better than when my dog acts like I am the best thing she has seen all day when I walk in the door. We all like to feel loved, and our dogs never lack in that department.

You can cut back on your time spent sweeping the floors

Here's a fun story: the other day, I spilled coffee grounds on the floor, and before I could get to the broom my dog, Bailey, licked them up. Now, I'm not sure if coffee is bad for dogs, but she's doing fine so I guess we're in the clear. My point is, she has a sixth sense that tells her when any food-related item falls on the floor.

They can scare away unwanted visitors

My dog is a nut case, and I mean that in the very best way possible. The neighbors doorbell can ring across the street, and she will lose her shit. One time she almost (key word: almost) scared away a salesperson pressuring me into buying children's books from Europe. Spoiler alert: she was pushy and I caved in. If I would've let Bailey out the door I can guarantee she would have bolted as fast as she could. Having a guard dog is a good way to feel safe, and have an extra "alarm system."

They can raise your children

This is no joke. Dogs can be very protective and nurturing, so much so that they can literally raise children. We have all heard many amazing stories of children being raised by animals, and most of them are by dogs or wolves. In most of these cases, the poor kids are abandoned by their parents or kidnapped, and are left to fend for themselves. They get taken in by the packs and are taught how to survive on their own. It's pretty miraculous.

They are heroes

Like I stated above, dogs are very protective and nurturing. When they develop a bond with their humans, or they sense danger, they take action. We have all seen Lassie, right? There is nothing I love more than a good, heartwarming dog-hero story. There is a reason why we use dogs for helping the blind, and servicing those who have disabilities.

They are smarter than most people

Now, I'm not saying humanity is doomed, I'm just saying you won't find a dog walking off of a cliff because they are too distracted by their smart phone. They may have a leg-up on us since they are not as advanced as we are, because humans seem to be getting dumber as the technology gets smarter. As Bailey runs at the TV full throttle, barking her little lungs out at a dog on a commercial, it's hard to remind myself that she is smarter than I like to think sometimes.

There's nothing cuter than a puppy

Besides a kitten, of course. But seriously, how cute is puppy breath, and their little paw pads? Puppies have the cutest little barks and yawns, that make me just want to squeeze them. If I had unlimited space and time, I would get a new puppy every year. Watching them grow up is even better too, as they grow into their bodies and "perfect" their bark.

I may be biased, being that I have always had dogs growing up. My dogs were always having puppies too, so I was surrounded. Dogs are the most genuine, caring, protective pet a person could have, and I think we are the lucky ones for getting them in our lives.

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