7 Reasons Flat-Chested Women Rock

I remember sixth grade like it was yesterday.

All the girls were starting to "develop" which meant they were wearing training bras. Develop was the word they used back then. I'm not sure what they call it these days but I kept wondering why all the growth action kept avoiding me.

While it was an awkward and hurtful time in my life, my mom kept saying to hang in there because one day I would actually have boobs like the rest of my friends.

Fast forward multiple decades and things haven't changed very much in the development department. At 51, I'm still a bit too small to fit into an A cup. Seriously.

I can't shop at Victoria's Secret because their bras are too "roomy" for me (this may be one of the reasons why they haven't asked me to be one of their angels). I don't buy clothes with darts -- they simply don't work for me. The material pokes out but nothing else does.

Time Magazine recently had a cover story that said all women will eventually "get work done" because we have to compete with other women who nip, tuck and inject. The article, written by a man, says we may not want to get work done, we'll simply have to. The competition is on. Oh my.

While there are many advocates for women enhancing the size of their breasts, there aren't many of us shouting out why it's great to be flat-chested! So here's my personal list:

  1. My "boys" don't sag. Maybe they will one day but there is simply not enough "stuff" to sag.

  • I don't have to wear a bra. I usually wear one but it's not because I need the support.
  • Clothes fit me better -- as long as there are no darts as you may recall.
  • I don't have to spend extra money on running bras. My one-piece, no-snap bralettes work fine.
  • I can wear a plunging neckline and it looks sexy in an understated way.
  • Men never stare at my chest. They look me in the eyes when we have a conversation.
  • My boobs don't get in the way... ever. How could they?
  • To me the only downside to being flat-chested is the yearly mammogram. I know this is no fun for anyone, but ponder this for a moment: If every single bra at Victoria's Secret is too big for me, how in the hell is this routine test physically possible? Sure, you can force the body to do just about anything, it just depends how much pain you're willing to endure.

    As much as I've poked fun at my boobs over the years, I wouldn't change them for all the money in the world. Luckily for me, my husband prefers plums over melons... or so he says!

    So let's hear the good, the bad and the ugly stories about your "boys." Have they fought the battle with cancer and won? Did you feed three wonderful children with them? Remember, it's not the size or the shape of your breasts that make you who you are; it's what you have going on the inside that matters.