7 reasons why Mums make the best business owners

7 reasons why Mums make the best business owners
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At one point, the thought of owning my own business was truly laughable.

After having kiddies, and when considering the return to work, I felt disempowered and lost. I believed that the year I had taken out of my senior corporate coaching role to raise a family had really set me back. My brainpower had been replaced with mulch and the only thing I felt experienced in was playing hide and seek and giving advice on the best brand of nappy cream (Metanium!) I had loved my time off but felt like I just wasn’t good enough anymore. I had lost my identity, and my confidence had gone walkabout too.

So when my marriage hit the rocks, forcing me to wake up and face the issue, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I found my confidence again, rediscovered who I was and what I was capable of, and went on to build two successful businesses!

Now, as a Transformational Life and Business Coach for Mum entrepreneurs, I help women to unlock the treasures within them, dissolve the beliefs that are holding them back, and find the time and energy to build an online business. Throughout my travels meeting hundreds of Mums, I find that nearly every Mum I speak to believes the same three things -

1. They have a complete lack of confidence and belief in themselves and their abilities

2. They feel like a fraud and that they don’t have anything to offer

3. They believe that they aren’t cut out to run a business.

I am here to disagree! I have realised that to the contrary, Mums hold unique qualities that make them AMAZING business owners. Parenting provides a fantastic set of skills that are totally transferable.

Here are just a few reasons why.

1. Mums are a fantastic resource of desirable knowledge and skills

Not only do Mums have an entire career’s worth of transferable skills, becoming a parent also enables them to pick up a mix of new skills too such as empathy, compassion, patience, problem solving and planning to name but a few. This unique recipe all goes into the melting pot of coveted experience. Mums often forget just how much they have achieved in their life and career, and how that experience can help others. Being a small fish in a big pond can make you feel that way, but as a business owner, you are a big fish in a big pond!

2. They are incredibly productive and efficient

Having children means that an already packed life has to make way for many new tasks and events. The usual house related chores are added to by play dates, entertaining, repeatedly clearing up mountains of food off the floor, and meeting the ever-increasing needs of your kiddies. Mums become adept at fitting more into their day than they ever did before. They learn how to do a multitude of tasks simultaneously, like changing the TV channel with their foot and feeding the baby. This new hectic schedule builds a beautiful bounty of organisational skills that are essential for being your own boss.

3. They are creative and passionate

Believe it or not, the first few months of parenthood are often an incubator for creativity. This is usually down to having more time to think, and being up in the night (have you ever had an aha moment when doing a night feed?) In addition to this, the struggles and challenges that every parent faces can spark creative problem solving. Case in point – the famous Snooze Shade and Cuddle Dry. Devised by Mums who had a light bulb moment and let their creativity flow right into a successful business.

4. They are brilliant at building relationships

Becoming a parent connects you to a whole new world. A huge online/offline community of women supporting each other and sharing their struggles. Whether it is NCT, Mumsnet, FB groups or Rhyme Time at the local library, Mums can find instant common ground over coffee and cake at the playgroup, and shared smiles over tantrums in the park. They make fantastic and far-reaching connections and life long friends. These skills go a long way when building business relationships.

5. They have a big huge WHY

As a parent, nothing quite compares to the love for your children. The desire to give them an amazing childhood and future is so incredibly strong. The dream to not miss out on sports days and school plays or other important events in my kid’s lives is certainly something that I strived for (and it is now my reality). Having these dreams and desires provide a HUGE driver to keep going and stay motivated. If you ask any Mumpreneur WHY she has her own business, I guarantee most will tell you it is for the flexibility and freedom to spend more time with their kids. That’s a huge incentive to chase those dreams, and it means they are more likely to succeed too.

6. They are resilient and adaptable

There is nothing quite like a huge dollop of prolonged sleep deprivation to develop a resilient outlook. Being a parent is full of setbacks, challenges and difficulties. The new and unknown territory means that illnesses, tantrums, and developmental leaps can throw everything off and up in the air. Mums have an amazing ability to see things as a phase that will pass, and every day as a new day and a fresh new start. This bodes incredibly well in the entrepreneurial word, as the ability to bounce back from setbacks is crucial to success!

7. They are quick learners

Parenthood has provided me one hell of a steep learning curve. Nothing can quite prepare you for the intensity of it all. That means that every day Mums are learning something new. There are always problems to solve, sleep, routines, environmental factors, food, and many other variables they test and retest until they find a solution. Learning so quickly enables Mums to truly achieve anything that they put their brilliant minds to.

So there you have it, proof that Mums have an absolute treasure trove of skills to rock it as a Mum Boss. It is my mission to help as many Mums as possible realise their greatness, chase their dreams and make an impact with their talents. If you are thinking about it, I encourage you to unlock those talents and take the leap. You can do it!

Helen is a Transformational Life and Business Coach for Mum entrepreneurs. She supports women to gain the confidence, business know-how, and time and energy to build an online business truly aligned with their passion and purpose. You can find a tribe of like-minded mamas in her Facebook group The Tenacious Tribe Of Lady Entrepreneurs. Helen also has a signature mentorship programme Mum to Mum Boss.

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