7 Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Miracles NOW!

If you’re like me, you were taught that it’s so important to work hard. You have to work more and all the things you wish for will come true. There are no such things as miracles – only people in la-la-land believe in such.

But what if I tell you that miracles are actually waiting for you and it is not the other way around? YES! You read that right – MIRACLES ARE WAITING….to be seen, heard, felt, sensed…and to be pretty much experienced!

I’ve listed down 7 reasons why you’re not welcoming the miracles you deserve and how you can start acknowledging and incorporating them into your life.


Oh, I hear you! I used to think that manifesting miracles were SO hard. I thought that miracles were completely alien. Since they were so difficult to see in my life, well, “they are just not my thing.” But let’s face it, the word ‘difficult’ is pretty subjective, isn’t it? What IS difficult? What ISN’T? Start removing this thought from your mind and replace it with “MIRACLES ARE EFFORTLESS!” Afterall, you had to be potty-trained and back then, I’m sure that WAS difficult at first for you… UNTIL it wasn’t.


Have you ever said the words, “I can’t believe this is happening to me,” when something REALLY GOOD happened? Well, this is one STRONG SIGNAL that you subconsciously deflect awesome miraculous things coming to your life. This may or may not be something you do consciously. It’s even possible that you’ve been wired to react that way since you were young. It’s likely that you wanted to fit in so much that you copied what everybody was doing by focusing on the bad instead of the good, wanting to be normal by comparing who’s had it worst or desperately yearning for acceptance. In doing so, however, you’ve bought into the biggest fallacy of all – that miracles are only for special people. But do you know what? When you think that miracles are only for special people, you are sending out a strong message to the world – that You Aren’t One! So the next time something good comes into your life, whether you see a penny on the floor or someone wanting to pick up your tab, say THANK YOU,even if it’s uncomfortable at first!


A few years ago, I was watching the Oscars on TV, listening to the winners’ acceptance speech. Each and every one of them thanked God in their speech for that miracle, and I scorned at them. REALLY! Deep inside me a thought came, “Ha! They can only say that because they’re rich and God seems to be listening to them all the time! What about the normal people who can’t afford to believe in miracles because of the bills to pay?” When I heard that thought crossed my mind, I knew something got to change. If I am hating the rich and miracles so much, if I am reacting that way to miracles and if I am simply looking down and frowning upon miracles, how can I have a relationship with them? So I went on youtube and watched these people. I watched how they talked, how they walked, how they sat, how they think and how they lived. I realized one thing –The reason why they believe in miracles is not because they’re rich. They’re rich because they believe in miracles!


Like the thought that only rich people believe in miracles, there was a time I believed that only poor people did. And in hindsight, it’s primarily because I bought into the belief that you can’t WANT something. THE MORE YOU WANT IT, THE MORE IT DOESN’T HAPPEN. What a funny thought eh? But alas, it's true! See, when I looked at the winners of lottery tickets, I only saw those who were in poverty becoming millionaires overnight (though there were probably winners who were already rich but I didn’t want to acknowledge them). I saw these ‘poor’ people desperately wishing for the winning numbers and I didn’t want to be classified as ‘poor’. Hence, I didn’t want to believe in miracles. Later, I realized that I was indeed ‘poor’ or behaving ‘poorly’ for not believing in miracles! So, the next time you hear yourself feeling you’re above others, check if perhaps you’re also saying you’re above miracles and you don’t need them in your life!


I’ve been blessed (and sometimes burdened) by my intelligence. I remember not needing to study so much because so long as I can understand the logic behind everything, I can make sense of things and get good education. It was so easy for me to ace a test or write a paper with empirical evidence that support my theory. It was also EASY for me to write proposals listing down the whys of it all, but that linear thinking didn’t allow room for something so abstract. There was no evidence to support miracles existed, so I didn’t believe. There was no ‘as you can refer to chapter so and so’. There was no objective result to anchor into. This is why I really had difficulty believing in miracles. Oh yes, I read about them in the Bible (afterall, I studied in a Catholic school for thirteen years), but to me, they were more symbolic and metaphorical. I didn’t think miracles could be practicaluntil I started observing how my linear thinking was limiting my expansion and growth! See, MIRACLES IS SUBJECTIVE!. There is no empirical evidence because there is none. Miracles are defined as they are – for you. They aren’t tangible things that you can just touch and see. They are so much more! So before you wish for a miracle, define what a miracle is for your. What miracle you are wanting to have and are wishing for?


In a society so busy and fast-paced, we want to be constantly moving and constantly working. We want to feel oh-so-good by being in control. We want to take in the reins and not the other way around. Thus, who can blame us for thinking that only LAZY people believe in miracles? Because, there is no one-kind-fit-all recipe for miracles, sometimes all we have to do is believe and they will occur. See, I’ve come to realize that believing in miracles doesn’t make me lazy. It just makes me more receptive to forces that I didn’t work hard on!!!


This is perhaps the hardest thing for me to overcome. I used to think that so long as I am capable, I can do everything. See, I’ve been such a jill-of-all-trades that I always believed that worse comes to worse. I can handle everything, but anything that's a miracle is a collective effort. The rainbow wouldn’t have existed without the collaboration of the sunlight and water in the atmosphere. Beyonce wouldn’t have been celebrated without her father (who helped her jump-start her career), her choreographer, her manager, her team, her audience and more. A baby wouldn’t have been born without the father and the mother, the doula or something of equivalent, and the birthing practitioners that helped during the process of pregnancy until after birth.It is because we are so wired to believe that we need to be it all to have it all. We forgot that nature itself is a collective effort. Nature is a miracle on its own. I can understand if you ‘ve experienced let-ups in your life and trusting others is hard for you. But what if, by trusting others, you are indeed trusting yourself for trusting the right people?

Miracles are something that can be easily accessible as long as we allow them to be. Unfortunately though, we’ve been so wired into thinking that miracles are so difficult and are illusions. This is why I’m passionate about being Miracle Mariacollectively working to facilitate miracles for those who are willing to start believing in miracles as part of themselves, their environment and their every day lives.

My Miracle Mastery Experience, which I only open once a year, is now taking enrollments until April 1, 2017. If you are ready to see miracles in your life NOW, join me as I hold space in mastering miracles and experiencing them!

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