7 Reasons You Should Be Watching Devious Maids

Five of the sexiest housekeepers you've ever seen have been steaming up televisions all over the country this summer in Lifetime's new hit series Devious Maids. Created by the man who made all of the Desperate Housewives household names Marc Cherry and produced by Houswives alum Eva Longoria this series that is part comedy, part drama, part mystery is too delicious to be missed. Here are seven of the many reasons you should be watching Devious Maids.

1. Susan Lucci. The queen of daytime television is making her mark at night -- but if you think she's simply playing a refined version of her All My Children counterpart Erica Kane -- think again! Lucci is plays the role of Genevieve Delatour; a wealthy Beverly Hills socialite who pops Xanex faster than Erica Kane could bed a man. Lucci's comic timing, rarely seen on daytime, paired with her characters genuine love for her son and staff make all of Lucci's scenes on Devious Maids can't miss.

2. The Latinas Rule. Outside of telenovelas andUgly Betty, rarely have we seen a show on mainstream television focuses primarily on Latinas. And what a gorgeous bunch they are. Led by Betty alum, Ana Ortiz, Devious Maids portrays a group of Latina women who all face a menagerie of different problems from cheating on their spouses to helping exonerate a child from a murder charge. While the wealthy Beverly Hills homeowners they work for may be viewed as richer or more fabulous, it's their Latina housekeepers who are really pulling the strings.

3. Because You Miss Desperate Housewives. There certainly has been a void on TV ever since Desperate Housewives left the air last year. There is something about creator Marc Cherry's ability to mix comedy with drama that makes his shows can't-miss. For example, when Taylor (Brianna Brown) spots her husband's crazy ex-wife at the grocery store, Marisol tries to avert a confrontation by trying to make it out of the store unnoticed -- knocking a pile of oranges over on her way out thereby doing the exact opposite. What started out as dramatic scene ends in utter comedy as only a Cherry series can do. And some of your favorite Housewives alums make recurring appearances on the show! (I don't know about you guys -- but I am pulling for an Eva Longoria cameo! Fingers crossed!)

4. The Sex. No good nighttime sudser would be complete without a little T and A and Devious Maids brings the heat. Between innocent star-crossed lovers Valentina (Edy Ganem) and Remi (Drew Van Acker) and philandering Spence (Grant Show) and Rosie (Roselyn Sanchez) clothes are flying everywhere -- and you won't hear any complaints from this guy. As far as I am concerned, it has been too damn long since Grant Show has been shirtless on my television and body is still looking all kinds of right.

5. The Mystery. In the style of Revenge and Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids has started off with a mystery. During the first episode, Evelyn and Adrian Powell's (played by Rebecca Wisocky and Tom Irwin, respectively) maid Flora (Paula Garces) is stabbed and ends up dead in the pool. Young Eddie (Eddie Hassell) is accused of killing her, but as the series progresses it becomes clearer that Flora was not what she seemed and Evelyn and Adrian are hiding more secrets in their house than Gretchen Wieners hides in her hair especially after it was revealed on last week's episode they had a son who also dies mysteriously. My head just exploded!

6. The Cast. It's amazing to see soap alumni such as Brett Cullen (Falcon Crest), Grant Show (Melrose Place), Paula Garces (All My Children), Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives) and Brianna Brown (General Hospital) back on the small screen. And Roselyn Sanchez is just sexy as hell so she's pretty much fun to watch on anything -- and that's coming from a gay man.

7. The Fun. Between the nearly catching your in bed with another woman, Odessa, beating a devious maid's cruel ex-husband over the head with her fake leg or bed hopping around Beverly Hills, it' quite clear that Devious Maids is this summer's guiltiest pleasure and is not to be missed.

Check out Devious Maids. New episodes premiere every Sunday night at 10pm EST on Lifetime.