7 Takeaways of Trump's Visit to Mexico

1. The Mexican Government's invitation to Trump (and Clinton) was a serious strategic and historic mistake for Mexico. It was a big unnecessary bet with great immediate costs, large risks, small returns and insufficient thought on the implications and potential consequences.

2. The meeting put the Mexican Government at odds with President Obama, the U. S Government, millions of Mexicans in both countries and Hillary Clinton, who rejected the invitation 5 days after Trump's visit and called it "a diplomatic incident". Domestically, it was received with unanimous anger and disappointment. Internationally, it perplexed observers.

3. Although the full logic behind the invitation is not yet clear, it's evident that the Mexican Government wanted to send the message that Mexico would work with whomever is elected. It was the right move at a bad time. Unnecessary to do it now and pay the costs, rather than doing it later when one of them is elected and get the benefits at no costs. It was reported that the idea of the invitation came from Mr. Luis Videgary, Mexican Finance Secretary, as a sign of confidence to the financial markets and investors. Still, the invitation seems premature since Trump is down in the polls and Clinton maintains a comfortable lead, the probability that Trump wins remains low (it increased after the visit).

4. The content, delivery and tone of the speech by the Mexican President was positive and adequate. But he missed the opportunity to tell Trump publicly he was not going to pay for a possible wall, regardless of whether he did so in private. Trump has publicly insulted Mexico and Mexicans, so the Mexican Government's response should be equally public. In Trump's speech in Arizona that immediately followed his visit to Mexico, he doubled down on the idea of the wall, including the notion that Mexico would pay for it.

5. Although Trump was kind and respectful, he was tough and inflexible. If he had apologized, it would have been a political victory for both men and both nations. Trump had already done so in the U. S., so why not in Mexico?.

6. The meeting seems to have contributed to Trump's talking about renegotiating NAFTA, allaying fears in Mexico about his previous call for annulling the agreement. Point for the Mexican Government.

7. Trump came out from the meeting stronger and he has used it in his favor at a moment in which he most needs it. He will continue to do so. We will see in November if the meeting backfires on Mexico and to what extent. For the moment it is clear that seeing Trump standing next to the President of a country, made him look presidential. Something he didn't have before. Big point for Trump.