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7 Seattle Themed Filters to Live By © Michelle Moore

When I asked her how the world could encapsulate the spirit of Seattle wherever they were, here is what she came up with.
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Michelle Moore. Photo (c) Ellen Hansen

Seattle is a city where passion reigns as a higher factor in determining your end result than logistical reasoning. It's a city where rain makes it more beautiful, water flows around every corner, evergreen trees grow far into the clouds, and snow-capped mountains pave the way for adrenaline filled adventure.

A city historically known for grunge, Microsoft, and Sleepless in Seattle, however, currently known for artesian coffee, craft beers, world renowned athletes, disruptive technology, intimately raw music experiences, innovative cuisine, ecofriendly fashion, an emerging art scene, and purposeful living.

A city experiencing one of the greatest artistic renaissances in the modern world. Stripped down. Natural. Beautiful. And Raw. Just as we are the day we are born. Fearless and ready to create greatness.

While the city grows by thousands of new residents each week and countless building cranes shape the skyline, Seattle longtime residents re-enact the Seattle freeze and whisper the new nickname "The Lost City" on the streets while something beautiful is happening underground. As an influx of new energy comes in, the old more established energy becomes more grounded, confidently defines what makes them Seattleites. Each identifying and owning the beauty, the unbridled art and music history, in their own way deepening the roots that have made this city resilient for centuries. The newcomers may not have embraced Seattle yet, but she embraces those even when their hearts aren't yet open to it.

Michelle Moore, fashion photographer, is Seattle born and bred and her roots run deep. She lives her passion day in and day out shooting lifestyle campaigns, fashion look books, headshots, product lines, magazine spreads, and much, much, more. The spirit of Seattle lives in her blood. Watching her shoot is like seeing a conductor compose a symphony of greatness or drinking a freshly opened bottle of 1990 Domaine De la Conti, La Tache. She has the gift of seeing the beauty and light in people that they themselves may not even see.

When I asked her how the world could encapsulate the spirit of Seattle wherever they were, here is what she came up with...

Seattle Themed Filters to Live By © Michelle Moore

Photo (c) Michelle Moore

#1. Queen Anne Filter - "Grab any and all opportunity as a developing artist. Don't be afraid to experiment and try many things. It takes years to develop your style and craft. Early on I took any and all jobs as a photographer, until I began to specialize in portraiture. For many years I honed in on my portrait style and I am now finding myself yet again in a transitional and growing phase of my career as I develop my style and market in fashion photography."

Photo (c) Michelle Moore

#2. Seattle Filter - "Frequently photographers feel that they have to go to NY or LA if they want to have a successful career. Very early on I felt that moving to a different city was what I was "supposed" to do, but by my mid-20s I realized that Seattle was where I belonged. The moment I accepted Seattle as the city I was meant to be in was the moment I found clarity with my career and was able to grow a successful business."

Photo (c) Michelle Moore

#3. Greenlake Filter - "Keep at it every day. I've found that focusing on yourself and where you are going is more important than looking at what everyone else is doing. Spend time every day working on your goals - and remember nothing great happens overnight. When we look outside ourselves, find inspiration, but do not copy. Everyone has their own brand of magic."

Photo (c) Michelle Moore

#4. Lake Washington Filter - "I feel at home around water. Explore your own city and find the environments or places that allow you to feel calm, relaxed and inspired. I now carve a bit of time every week for myself when I am not working (you can still work hard - but give yourself some down time too!). This allows me to re-group, spend quality time with friends and family, disconnect and be re-inspired. Taking quality "personal" time is a necessity - otherwise you will burn out your creativity."

#5. Ballard Filter - "Be true to yourself no matter what. At the end of the day people will know if you are being genuine or not - and all you have is your own inner spark. Let that shine."

Photo (c) Michelle Moore

#6. Fremont Sunday Market Filter - "There is beauty in variety. There will be times where your artwork will feel disjointed as you transition and try new things. Be okay with the chaos, going off brand, finding your voice. The more you create, the closer you are to finding yourself."

Photo (c) Michelle Moore

#7. Discovery Park Filter - "Helping others reach their goals and supporting my community and friends is very important to me. If you ask someone for advice and they generously give it to yo¬¬u, don't forget to say thank you, then pay it forward. Don't be afraid to pass on information! We are all in this together, and sharing your knowledge with others will only come back to you ten-fold."

At the end of the day, Michelle and I believe that the best filter you can live by is no filter. You are beautiful as-is. Live each day utilizing passion and purpose to ground you, and guide your creativity.

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